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Russian student life: "fight" to give tips
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Russia is a very modern transport developed countries, transport has great potential. As a big country transportation, Russia and China on a variety of modes of transport are very different.

Rental cars are

In Russia, is very convenient to use public transport, public transport tickets can be purchased from the driver or conductor, or from the subway kiosk near the house to buy. Bus tickets are white card on the bus after they make a hole in the car, saving the time of ticket conductor.

In addition to trams, trolley buses, buses and other transport vehicles, the taxi is essential Russian daily travel tools. Regular cab has a "T" word identification, and used as the difference between yellow and black stripes.

Unlike the Chinese, in Russia, "play", even when the taxi tip to the driver, the fare is generally 1 / 10, this means, the price is not cheap. But Russia are basically a taxi car, as long as you hand in the street, soon attracted a wide range of private booster cable cars. According to the interview team to go through Russia, told reporters that as long as the Lada and Volga brand cars, basically can be stopped for rental.

In addition to ease of use, the Russian people and cultural characteristics of public transport, but also to thereporter trouble light left a deep impression. Correspondents in commuting, we often see Russian passengers in the car reading the newspaper, or a pen to write calculus, distractions, treat time as gold, making the bus look like a mobile library.

Do not report the train station along the way

Russia's rail transport is the nation's leading transportation, rail transportation is very convenient, only the Moscow region there are nine railway stations.

Russia's electric train is hard seat, not the stops along the way, do not know the destination landmark landscape near what it had asked the Russian power cord  passenger car. Across Russia, a very small station, the train stop when there is not much movement, believe it is easy to miss trips.

Strict rules of the road drivers

Road transport in Russia also occupies an important position. variety of kinds of road conditions. Between the vehicle speed is very fast, good driver can strictly abide by traffic rules, so very smooth along the way, walking 30 days and only encountered a traffic accident.

Russia and China Highway Traffic biggest difference is that it pass without any charges. "China-Russia Friendship Tour" 13 off-road vehicles to travel long distances by 1.5 million km, the cost of not spending a ruble say that it is a very happy thing.
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