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Decrypted by remote electric control valve Olympic torch flame

    August 24, Beijing Gas Group is responsible for protection of the Olympic flame combustion system development experts working in the main torch flame for journalists to decrypt the entire process.

    Electrically adjustable by remote control.


Hot metal parts for home decoration market, a fiery red

    Renovated old building into the peak of the old city.

    In recent years, the newly developed residential area in Yantai have emerged, compared to some of the old city neighborhoods are somewhat bleak.booster cable Most of these buildings built in the early 90s of last century, then, fitting the concept was in its infancy, the general assigned to the new house after the people are basically simple ground ground floor, stucco walls,power cord including doors and windows side, playing a few pieces of furniture. Ten years later, the large number of dilapidated old house because the general problems facing the renovation.


Pump experts gathered in the country to amend the new standards, Wenling

    The face of increased costs, export agricultural products to improve emissions standards, China's agricultural producers do? booster cable Recently, Wenling City, Institute of Irrigation and Drainage at the China Agricultural Machinery Branch of the Eighth Council and the National Standardization Technical Committee for Agricultural Machinery Working Group of the inaugural meeting of submersible pumps, power cord the pump industry experts from around the country and the well-known business representatives gathered for business advice Wenling .


British Cycling "gold storm" caused by thermal cycling country

    Speaking of the impact of the Olympic Games, the Beijing Olympics, British Cycling Team's outstanding performance in the UK had a very positive impact. In the Beijing Olympics, British Cycling team won 8 gold medals, gold accounted for almost half of the UK, booster cable the British delegation from the Athens Olympic Games gold medal standings the last 10 medals table at once jumped to the first group. power cord British cycling team's outstanding performance has triggered a bike in the UK heat.


Development of ground source heat pump: the Government and the market were "hot"

    "As long as the heat pump equipment installed, the subsequent operation need only pay the electricity to pump operation can be completed in winter heating and summer cooling, remove the power,booster cable the whole process even without other involvement of non-renewable energy sources" - that that is the ground source heat pump. It was predicted that the 21st century, the most effective heating and cooling ground source heat pump air-conditioning technology.


Significant downturn in steel prices steel export tax rebate or "zero"

    Since 2006, China completed the first from a "net importer of steel" to "net exporter of steel," the changes, special steel products for the export of accumulated tax policy adjustment up to 6 times. With this year's excessive steel exports in July, booster cable analysts believe that China's steel products are all zero tax for all to enjoy a higher risk.

Hangzhou high-tech machines for the first time exports to the U.S. and Europe

    Recently inspected by the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Hangzhou, Hangzhou Machine Tool Group by the independent research and development,booster cable with independent intellectual property rights of four CNC grinding and CNC forming strong horizontal spindle and rectangular table surface grinding machine, were sold in the United States and Germany. This value of 1.97 million four machines. power cord This is the Hangzhou high-tech machine with its own brand products for the first time into the European and American developed country markets.


The automotive industry from the manufacturing base to export base changes

    A few years ago, has just appeared in the Chinese auto blowout soon, raised the domestic China will be positioned for the global automotive manufacturing base. It now appears that this orientation is not entirely accurate,booster cable rising labor costs and the continued appreciation of the renminbi, the Chinese automobile manufacturers positioned as a single base will no longer have an absolute advantage.


Key cabinet industry resurgence popular brand recognition

    Recently, CCTV "Happy China" brands first hand, the cabinet industry has become a leading brand in Europe to send the file section of the first joint venture, which is China's first joint cabinet industry involved in high-CCTV entertainment marketing. To this end,booster cable the reporter interviewed the president of the National Federation of Professional Committee of Cabinet, EU to send Chairman Yaoliang Song.


Experience: Four-color offset press cycle about Maintenance

    The many advantages of four-color offset press operator has been recognized by the majority, but because of color groups and various auxiliary devices increase, maintenance of equipment also has set higher requirements.
    To four-color Heidelberg sheetfed offset press, for example, booster cable its oil as much as hundreds of eyes for the regulation also has hundreds of small motors, and spray device, IR dryer, automatic cleaning roller device, Run version of liquid mixing devices, the maintenance complex. How to do maintenance work, the benefits of full equipment,power cord in fact, is not easy. I have many years of operating experience in Heidelberg, four-color offset press, is summed up a set of cycle maintenance of law,trouble light for reference.


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