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Immelt also reflect common to run you ten years of hell

    CEO Jeff Immelt said his company has trained the world's most outstanding business leaders. However, they did not see it from the "hell years" in the rescue. This decade, the value of General Electric Company has been cut in half.


Plastic fire extinguisher valve or will end the era of budding copper

   Recently, the Austrian and German companies BASF Multiplast computer simulation technology to develop a new generation of fire extinguishers plastic valves.
   The technology has changed the main valve has been using a copper fire extinguisher history. It is reported that the new company specializes in plastic valve is Mutiplast developed for the European market, fire extinguishers, and Tyco,booster cable initially developed in cooperation. The plastic valve is used in special BASF polyamide (UltramidTKR4355G10) manufacturing, which is a new generation of high-strength glass fiber that the first practical application. The plastic valve at minus 40 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees C environment, withstand burst pressure up to 100 bar and up to 250 bar (1 bar = 100000 Pa) is resistance to stress. The plastic fire extinguisher valve in addition to a strong anti-erosion ability of extinguishing agent, but also resistant to environmental factors such as ultraviolet radiation and ozone erosion of environmental factors.


Jiangsu, the first mall-type Hardware & Electrical 600 million into the city

    Spend 600 million yuan, Jiangsu's first mall-style metal electrical professional big market, across the board to introduce "business model Yongkang", Zhenjiang only a "mall-style management and market operation," the professional market, the overall construction has been basically completed ... ... June 30 Dingmao in Zhenjiang City, central business district the perfect present.


Auto ignition temperature frequently throughout China

    At 8:35 on July 6, Beijing, 638 South East Third Ring Huawei Qiao a bus south of spontaneous combustion, the driver found dangerous situation in the bus stop immediately after the roads safe areas, evacuation of passengers in the car and the alarm .

Belarus exports East Gas Turbine Steam Ship

    July 1 7:30 early morning, as the General Manager of Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. Realistic Choice for shipping orders issued, along with the festive sound of firecrackers.
    Loaded with gas exports East Minsk, Belarus 5, F-class gas turbine power station projects lined up in a large truck, booster cable slid from the factory gate, foot sailing trip - thousands of miles outside the capital of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk. This indicates that China's first high-tech F-class gas turbines and heavy out of the country, to Europe.


Quality "no" relentless attack Invt Jane can "tin" sound like

    Wuxi, China, July 13.

    Wuxi Wuxi machinery industry is the economic and social development of pillar industries, after a century of development, has been formed with modern technology, modern manufacturing, modern management system for the new equipment industry.

Smart Grid who should benefit? Triple play smart grid in action

    Development of productive forces of China's energy resources and uneven distribution of coal resources, 76% of distribution to maintain reserves in the northern region, 80% of hydropower resources in the western region, the land wind mainly in the northern region, and 2 / 3 of the concentration of power demand In the eastern region, booster cable objectively determined that China must take the long-distance, large-scale, low-carbon high-efficiency power transmission path.


Floor paint is water-based floor paint future trends

    The 21st century, energy conservation has become a social enterprise must bear the responsibility for water-based coatings for energy conservation and emission reduction technology, health measures in an industry surrounded by the main focus of attention.


Auto ignition temperature events in summer frequently Hohhot

    Since the beginning of summer, Hohhot street car the frequent occurrence of spontaneous combustion, hot weather, high engine temperature is easy, it is the high incidence of spontaneous combustion vehicles.
    Issues related to automobile ignition, how to prevent auto ignition, how should an emergency case of spontaneous combustion treatment, the reporter conducted a thorough investigation interviews, hot weather, booster cable all vehicle owners do not forget to give your car, "refreshing." Related: summer driving awareness is very important to prevent spontaneous combustion of high temperature days, motor vehicles, "anger" big two vehicles yesterday spontaneous Lanzhou


Car maintenance trap errors before more comprehensive raise awareness of prevention

    Motor vehicle ownership in the city currently is 150 million, which is still brand new car on a day rate surged more than 200. Enjoy the car for the step to bring convenient, many people are upset about the car for repairs.


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