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now in fire retardant flexible cables of technological

Li Technology Group Co., Ltd. Jiangsu communication cable fire retardant cable production base in South China, Dongguan City, construction is expected to put into operation in 2011.

There are many to choose from the refrigerator car color

Car refrigerator generally starts in the car, directly connected with the power cord can be used in the cigarette lighter. Judging from the appearance of the shape, car refrigerator has two vertical and flat. Cooling effect from the production point of view, car refrigerator can also be divided into two types, one is cooling to below 0 ℃ car refrigerator compressor; the other vehicle heating call boxes, electronic boxes and other hot and cold, the cooling effect of the general maintained at about 5 ℃, not ice, on ice cream and other frozen items require only temporary storage. These two types can be called car refrigerator. Both are relatively low because of power, and will not affect the normal running car.

But even now the car has entered every household

30th anniversary of reform and opening up, cars have been more and more ordinary people into the home, is now the major manufacturer's quarterly sales in a considerable portion of the data is supported by individual consumers. To tell the truth, Chinese people bought a car that map different: one face, the second is convenient and practical.

China will continue to contribute to building a strong network

Far East Cable Co., Ltd. has led the national key projects the market, increasingly profound impact on the market. Recently, the Far East cable again in the State Grid Corporation, China Southern Power Grid Company of the power grid construction projects awarded, the amount of more than 100 million yuan, China will continue to contribute to building a strong network. It is understood that, over the years, the company established a perfect quality assurance system, efforts to create "zero defect" products under the premise continues to attract talent, strengthen Pinpaixingxiang construction, power cord step Keji to invest in developing new products, Tigao before, during, service quality, enhance marketing, strategic management, service, quality, brand leading the market to the Far East cable has always been well received by the national key projects of favor and become the preferred product.

Hardware industry there individual needs

Hardware industry growing market segments, appeared under the classification of some large number of small categories, hardware companies face increasing refinement of the market, increasingly precise positioning of the product, resulting in some enterprises began to sub-brand, companies with several major brands. Hardware industry market segments is a good thing there, then the hardware business segment is a good brand then?

the electronics industry has become a national strategic

LED market growth is another booster.
In recent years, the electronics industry has become a national strategic, fundamental, guiding pillar industries, China has become a well-deserved global electronics manufacturing center. Within the increasingly fierce industry competition and a sustained lift in the electronics manufacturing technology, right Shengchanshebei of Ling Huoxing continuously put forward higher requirements, which of the electronics manufacturers Xingcheng the unprecedented challenges, and also to bring  Xiangguan industry market booster cable opportunities. How to changing market conditions in both the challenge and can grasp the opportunity to gain the upper hand is the industry are thinking and focus problems.


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