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Wuhan City Circle to achieve "One Card" to benefit the general population

    Yesterday, the provincial government held a press conference said, Wuhan City has issued the "Chu-pass card" applications, including Wuhan Metro Line 1 and 32 commercial stores, the future will also cover buses, taxis, ferries, water, electrical, shopping malls,booster cable telephone, digital television,power cord and the people living in areas closely related.


Hardware City decorating decorative hardware to improve the market competitiveness of

    Since reform and opening, along with social progress and greatly enhance the national income, once known as "hardware" and "small business" decor decorative hardware industry has been sustained, healthy and rapid development,booster cable hardware, decorative hardware city as a decoration The distribution center, has thus become the neighboring cities and provinces decoration hardware sales market.


Hardware 3C certification must provide what information

    To prevent the failure of hardware products into the market, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers,booster cable recently, have been organized in all regions of the area law enforcement officers to carry out a special inspection hardware market.


Five trends in use of the oscilloscope market is constantly changing

    Technology rapidly changing, the scope of the latest applications are endless.booster cable Oscilloscope manufacturers must follow the trend of new applications designed to meet the specific needs of users oscilloscope and software applications.power cord This article will focus on 5 oscilloscopes market trends analysis.


Pentium B70 difficult crusade after spontaneous

    Recently, the reporter received a telephone complaint Pentium owners, then a reporter visited the owner, to know the detailed history. A month ago, the owner of the car parked in the courtyabooster cable rd of the spontaneous combustion! The hardships rights chilling.

Shrink Packaging Shrink Packaging technology and new applications

    Shrinking of the early films to be applied in 1936, the first major film to shrink wrap with a rubber perishable food. Today, technology has been developed to shrink almost plastic shrink film to wrap a variety of goods.
    In addition,booster cable shrink-wrapping are also used for shrink labels and shrink caps, so that is not easy to print or complex shape of the container can be labeled. power cord Recently, there have been newer applications have been developed.


European development of new export policy for electric tools

   Enterprises should actively take power tools echo approach the entrance of electric tools for a major challenge facing Europe. Professional tools should be increased imports,booster cable brand forward, forward the technical content of the product. Another six kinds of research and development enterprises should be banned as soon as possible manipulation of alternative hazardous materials to protect the citizens of the weakness of insurance products while promoting the import of electric tools.

Chinese hardware industry are nine characteristics - Ningbo articles


    Establishment of base metal industry, metal industry is a major undertaking. With the rise of China's hardware industry, the past 10 years China National Hardware Association has named the 34 training and industrial base. Tools from the traditional hardware, booster cable architectural hardware, hardware, the new gas appliances, cooker hoods, the whole kitchen, shower room, metal industrial base has been in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shandong,power cord Hebei, and Henan provinces area.

AIA Shanghai Electric Group has been selected as a small giant enterprise technology

    Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Municipal Economic Commission, Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology released its 2010 annual list of enterprises little giant,booster cable the company Honored, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission has been funded by money transfer companies.


Re-break socket Red Star Design Award strong social repercussions

   Recently, the China Red Star Design Award Presentation Ceremony in Beijing held a grand performance hall of the Central Television Station, the design awards ceremony is the most influential Super Festival.booster cable As the industry leader in innovative high-tech enterprises, breaking electrical outlet with water, roll up the plug and socket rotation distortion products of innovative design,power cord stand out from the many products, won the 2009 China Red Star Design Award ", has aroused strong repercussions.


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