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Do not forget the Spring Festival approaching 5 strokes to teach fire safety to escape from fire

   Spring Festival is approaching, major shopping centers are a variety of discounted activities to attract guests, underground mall, the streets flow crowds everywhere, filled with festive atmosphere. In the festive holidays, in particular, booster cable to do security work. Here, Lanzhou City Police Fire Brigade to remind the public: enjoy the festive fun at the same time, for their own fire safety can not be ignored.


Fire information is disseminated more than a thousand copies of Huangshan winter precaution boom lift

   January 26, Huangshan District Fire Brigade fire safety knowledge and large organizations, propaganda before the holiday for the residents of Pacific Street fire brought a delicious feast of knowledge.

    Street is located in the urban fringe area, housing a long time ago, are closely linked, and more brick and wood,booster cable electrical circuits and wiring mess aging pull in serious condition, more than the narrow roadway, and the rugged terrain, a serious fire hazard, leading to this area very seriously, especially arranged for me to Fire Brigade and street leaders, power cord television reporters went to Old Street to understand the situation and find solutions.


Wei Chuan electrical high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers: cost-effective quality assurance

    Vacuum circuit breaker is the contact of the bubbles in the high vacuum division and the circuit breaker. "Vacuum breaker" for its media and arc interrupter contact gap after the dielectric is named after the high vacuum; with small size, light weight, suitable for frequent operation, no maintenance of the advantages of arc, booster cable in the distribution network the application of the more popular.


Samsung, LG To develop smart appliances manufacturers sniper Heritage

    Beijing January 27, according to senior vice president of Samsung Electronics America, said James Boli Taisi Ji, Samsung will develop more intelligent appliances in the U.S.booster cable market and other traditional attacks Whirlpool appliance manufacturers.


Electrical industry Chongren rosy all the way 175 million in 2010, a tax

    Into the New Year,booster cable Jiangxi substation equipment plant machinery and electronic products into strong sales season: Niger set by the national power grids, transformers 220 drives to the goods in some areas due to snow disaster to pull the spot immediately the phone one by one, day and night to work overtime for this business .

Into low-carbon green flexo printing industry trends

    Flexographic printing, the use of more environmentally friendly water-based ink, is often hailed as the industry's most environmentally friendly printing. In advocating low-carbon environment, the safety of today's packaging, booster cable flexographic printing is being widely used in printing and packaging fields.

General Communication Technology, Dalian - Innovation Leading the Future

    General Communication Technology as a national high-tech enterprise, Shenzhen and Dalian as the center, booster cable set up in Wuxi, Zibo, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Quanzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang, Taiyuan and other offices, the establishment of the radiation of the development, production, logistics and service network.

Solar Electric Co., Ltd. Nanjing - focus on the development of the field of power

    Solar Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone of Nanjing. Specializing in the production and sale of power electronic products, research and development of solar power systems, wind power systems. Under the Power Ministry of Energy, the software development department.


Studio network marketing, "Pirates of the dream of space"

    "Pirates of the dream space" subversion of the visual imagination, dream and reality intertwined. And just from the financial crisis back to life in the small and medium enterprises is also a dream awake. Carries the expansion of their business and realize the great dream of spanning the development,booster cable looking to break the problems faced by SMEs in the development of effective solutions.


2011: The world PV market populations everywhere

    The 2010 climate of the world economy is still annoying, however, the microclimate in the PV industry is very good this year,booster cable in early 2010, even the most authoritative forecasters probably did not expect the PV industry in 2010 would be so light brilliant.


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