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ShangPu consultation: high voltage inverter market has a huge potential for development

With modern electronic technology and microelectronics technology fast development, the high voltage inverter in the products high pressure high-power frequency control device constantly mature. The original hard to solve problems of high pressure, in recent years, through the series or unit series got a very good solve. booster cable ShangPu advisory machinery industry analysts pointed out that, at present, the domestic market is still in the high voltage inverter in the early stages of the growth, its main five major characteristics:


China intelligence network where to go?

July 19, 2011 release of the "China intelligent power network information technology system white paper" points out, in intelligent power grid construction stepped-up process, the traditional network business model is facing the challenge of reform, enterprise production and management, the business will constantly tend to fusion innovation. Smart grid business reform and innovation in the application of information technology to put forward higher requirement,trouble light information technology not only need for grid enterprise development strategy and businesses to provide support, and more need as enterprise business innovation important engine, leading to the power grid of traditional business intelligence, and information direction.


2011 industrial electrical industry nine cases of "the most"

See the time flies

I pray that tomorrow

Every little dream can realize slowly

I am so ordinary but again so lucky

I say thank you

In my life each day



Electrical appliance industry characteristics and the need to import and export concern

According to customs statistics, in 2011 the first half of electrical appliance industry import and export $66.325 billion, more than the same period in 2010 (hereinafter referred to as the year-on-year growth of 21.25% imported 26.448 billion us dollars, up 17.84%; Export 39.878 billion us dollars, up 23.62%. Import and export surplus of $13.43 billion. (above all press China machinery industry federation, the same below).


Global pv equipment market 3 quarter 2012 deserving of a weak prospect die

By the end of 2010, company applied materials (AppliedMaterials) investment EileenTanghal director in a clean technology conference speech, from the application materials company equipment suppliers about solar industry Angle said "two or three years than the future, this will be the best solar industry a year", because "has a trend of supply". We talk about the application materials company's acquisition Baccini, he said "the deal reached acme, booster cable but we worry about may no longer, polycrystalline silicon next year all price $1.05 / watt is about to become a reality".


2012 global solar PV market wheat from the chaff

    For 2012, the global solar PV market, according to the current development, DRAMeXchange (TrendForce) EnergyTrend's research department that will be the global solar photovoltaic industry, face a difficult challenge to the wheat from the chaff of the year. From a policy perspective, the current policy trends in major markets and reduce subsidies to cap the amount of the main; and emerging market policies have been released, but has not yet time brewing fermentation. Other hand, the chain price trends in the middle of the field of wafer to module spot trading prices are still low, booster cable compared to the actual production costs, most manufacturers are in bite the bullet situation.


2011 U.S. Solar Energy Market Review - Top 10 News

    The solar energy industry, in 2011 than in 2010, perhaps even more vexing. The following are the key year in the 10 important events, and will have a significant impact on 2012. (In alphabetical order)

    1, the solar module prices fall


Three Bay Electric: Thanksgiving a decade another brilliant terminal sector

    With the winter sun, New Year's Day, New Year 2012 has experienced a decade with the baptism of three Bay glorious arrival of electrical terminals industry. In celebration of this festive occasion factory, three Bay Electric hard to pay for the company's employees and fellow customers, the community co-operation with the media friends in Nanjing three Bay Electric Company a decade since the help and support, to extend my sincere thanks!


Why Bill Gates bets nuclear?

  Hours of the end of the world economy is still with the "financial panic" monsters hide and seek, once the "richest man", Mr. Bill Gates is the godfather of the Internet came to China. No fans welcome him, is a new generation of those networks as "buy" bubble, "Taobao event" suck it. Them a hard time understanding why Bill Gates actually went to China to carry out his "beat the eight-pole with the IT industry," trouble light the development of nuclear energy?


Foreign enterprises eager to break through the central binding the Chinese wind market

   Binding foreign central enterprises, domestic and foreign wind turbine manufacturers cooperation trend in the last year that is starting to show. The latest development is that some foreign companies will also join this round of equipment manufacturers and developers bundled chain integration. Informed, Nordex (Beijing) Wind Power and Huadian Engineering Co., Ltd. is in talks to build a joint venture.


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