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Mastery of shares: the market leader in sales of domestic ACSR

    Mastery of shares (002,560) was 23, was released, the issue price of 28.80 yuan / share, corresponding to 42.35 times earnings.
    It is reported that the major share in the ACSR accessible research and development, production and marketing,booster cable has developed into the industry leader in the domestic steel core. ACSR its leading products in 2009, 2010 applied to high-pressure, high pressure, the output of high voltage lines of the company's total output, respectively, 92.77% and 74.21%.


Hefei: spring arrived last year, a broad based set of prices

    23, Hefei, rose to the highest temperature 14 ℃. As the temperature gets warmer, the mall has all kinds of OTC spring, spring of this year or two into a general rise in prices, "a suit before the money can buy only enough to buy one now!"


Shanghai quality supervision checks: two batches of substandard air purifier

    Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision has recently informed the 4th quarter of 2010 air purifier product quality supervision and examination results, the two batches of products with serious quality problems.

    Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision has recently informed the 4th quarter of 2010 air purifier product quality supervision and examination results,booster cable the two batches of products with serious quality problems.


Macro implementation of the condensing water heater industry standards

    Condensing gas water heater as a new generation of products, environmental protection, energy saving lamps obvious advantages, booster cable favored by consumers. However, as has been the lack of industry standards, condensing gas water heater market is relatively confusing. However, this chaotic situation with the Macro editor of the condensing water heater industry, the implementation of standards, have been greatly improved.


PV industry: the future of automation welcome, whichever is greater

    Abstract: February 22-24, the largest solar energy industry as an international exhibition, "2011 International Solar Energy & PV Projects (Shanghai) Exhibition and Forum" at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, a large number of photovoltaic industry's top research and the recent advent of cutting-edge products in this exhibition debut.


Beware of "black barrel": long-term use can damage the nervous system

    According to "Morning News" reported recently, the media on the bucket of drinking water in Shandong market investigation found that some barrels of water using PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and waste plastic,booster cable poor waste disposal CD-ROM or other foreign garbage into "black bucket" to fill drinking water. Experts say such a bucket under the conditions of high temperature may produce hazardous substances.


Long Electric purchased mine questioned or transfer of benefits of new industry development

    Originally wanted to do something new industrial areas, only to be questioned, Guizhou Changzheng Electric Co., Ltd. (the "Long Electric", 600112.SH) may not expect this situation.
    This was originally engaged in high, medium and low voltage electrical components production and sales of the company has just acquired three nickel-molybdenum mining company, but investors in the "First Financial Daily" booster cable question, there acquired all the flaws this series, or even transfer of interest .


Focus on high-level foreign residents looking to escape escape equipment experience

     Escape public consciousness in many countries will want to know the life of criteria. Especially in such as the U.S., Japan and other countries better, attaches great importance to the cultivation of national consciousness of escape. Their use of films, television series and other effective ways to promote, to demonstrate experience in a variety of distress to escape.


Wenzhou will be equipped with fire engines respond to 90 m high-rise fire held high

     From high-rise residential fire Jingan District, Shanghai, Shenyang, the first high-rise to fire, high-rise fire safety should not be overlooked. I 18 from the year 2011, Wenzhou City Fire work conference that, for high-rise fire,booster cable Wenzhou City, will be held with a 90 m high fire engines and other fire equipment.


New automatic fire control box small space awarded the patent / Figure

    Recently, State Intellectual Property Office People's Republic of news came from the Safety Equipment Co., Ltd.booster cable Jiaxing Sheng invented with an automatic fire control box small space utility model patents, and awarded a certificate, the patent number is ZL201020219965.7.


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