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LED base in the United States approved Guixi 1 billion revenues this year

    Guixi from the city of Jiangxi Province was informed that energy-efficient lighting Yingtan environmental impact assessment of industrial base planning a formal announcement to the public.

    Total planning area of ??the base is 6.8 square kilometers, of which the first phase (2011) developed an area of ??booster cable 3 square kilometers, planning and construction of energy-efficient lighting platform for industrial base development services. The platform will include comprehensive building energy-efficient lighting industry, product development center, testing base, while building the U.S. energy-saving household appliances Group Co., Ltd. LED lamp projects, and the introduction of home energy-efficient lighting 5-10 enterprise, complete and perfect the "seven connections and one leveling" . The total investment is expected to reach 1.5 billion.


Appliance plastic parts: plastic electric kettle, etc. can use it?

   Caused a great uproar in the plastic bottle market, bisphenol A, also made a lot of consumers are worried about household appliances. Many consumers to the newspaper Xunwen plastic electric kettle, coffee maker and soybean milk and other products are able to continue to purchase and use. In this regard, the reporter found, booster cable for household electrical appliances, the relevant departments pay more attention to electrical safety testing, and for monitoring the health and safety materials there are some blind spots.


Guangdong: Range Hood product sampling batch pass rate of 55.6%

    2010, the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision Inspection of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and other cities 5 250 enterprises produced a total of 250 batches of products, range hood, inspected 139 batches of product sampling batch pass rate of 55.6% . Failed mainly air performance and noise limits, signs and instructions, booster cable creepage distance, clearance and solid electrical insulation.


Spend 3.2 billion acquisition of General Electric in the Xinzhuang 90% of the shares

    Beijing March 29 evening news, the U.S. General Electric Company (General ElectricCo said it would spend 3.2 billion for the acquisition of the French electric and automation equipment manufacturing Business Converteam 90% of the shares in order to expand oil and gas, thermal power and renewable energy demand, especially for Brazil,booster cable Russia, China, India and the Middle East to provide services to high growth areas.


High and low voltage variable frequency drive technology development prospects

    Opportunities and challenges:

    Dependence on imported core components of development into domestic bottlenecks, high and medium voltage drive has come a long,booster cable broad market prospects.


Japan's earthquake triggered by the butterfly effect on the LED industry, the impact of

  Affect the situation as a whole, the direct result of the earthquake and tsunami damage and plant shutdown, power shortage and poor traffic conditions on the transport and export restrictions on products, will spread to the entire electronics supply chain. Currently, including the panel, chip, LED and camera and other electronic product markets are subject to a certain degree of impact.


Play electric floor heating to warm the heating effect of warmer

   Ground radiation heating methods with the growing popularity, unknowingly taking the first step to be more comfortable warming accepted, people feel the power of radiation to warm a large area and uniform heating to bring the warm and comfortable. Furthermore, the use of floor heating technology has become a selling point for real estate projects by people of all ages to buy a house.


5.0 billion to be built in Zhuhai smart grid investment and manufacturing base

    High-tech Zone, Zhuhai, 24, said head, Zhuhai City, in whose 5.0 billion investment in high-tech zones, construction area of ??1,000 acres of Zhuhai smart grid (low-carbon equipment) Industrial Park, with 5 years to cover the lose change into electricity distribution, electricity, dispatching automation, telecommunications and other sectors of the industry chain of smart grid products manufacturing base.


New mold manufacturing base of China's rise has been rapid

    In recent years, the rapid development of China's mold industry, according to International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association Executive Secretary Luo Baihui introduced in all local government support and encouragement, China has formed more than 50 mold gathering base, improve the industrial chain booster cable , attract foreign capital and strengthen social investment has played an active role.


Increase the opening up of private ceramic enterprises

    The development of high-tech zones in our city can not do without ceramics, can not do without thousands of ceramic culture.
    30 years of reform and opening up, especially after the state-owned enterprise reform ceramics, ceramics enterprises and workshops spread, more concentrated there Fanjia well, the old factory, Shaoji dock and other places, booster cable there is the original plant to start hiring, there are villages in the urban fringe in the lease plant plot development.


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