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Loader March sales record monthly high sales of nearly 40,000

    In the first quarter demand, both domestic exports surge.

    March 2011 sales of close to 40,000 Chinese loaders, an increase of 37.17%. The domestic market, which grew 34.02%, booster cable 103.40% increase export sales; January-March total sales of 70,000 units, up 43.70%; domestic growth 41.35%; exports grew 79.13 percent.


Promising investment market is still embedded micro-development period

   booster cable With the maturation of micro-projector technology, embedded micro-projector has become a new trend in recent years. Recently, according to In-Stat noted that the micro-projector market is expected in 2014 is expected to reach 2.3 billion units sold,power cord of which there will be more than 90% of the micro-projectors embedded into the smart phone.


Residential installation of fire alarms home security into a new security law

   Recently, the "Shanghai Municipal People's Government on Further Strengthening the Work of the views of the fire," said residential design and residential parking areas set technical standards for residential facilities equipped with fire fighting raised new demands.


Snapshots of good information to build a comprehensive solution of Emerging Science and

    Snapshots of Beijing as the ABC Communications Electric Co., Ltd. in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and successfully held three road show,booster cable coming soon to a GEM stars being the star of the tests from all sides.


ABC Communications Feihong master of the recurrence of the capital market forces

    Shenzhen Stock Exchange is about to usher in a busy adding a new stock - Beijing Good News Phenom Electric Co., Ltd. (300213).

    As the leader in the field of command and dispatch communications company, ABC Communications Snapshots from the beginning of 1995 only five entrepreneurs have developed to the team of more than 300 people, from 50 million to 3 billion asset development, booster cable has now grown to not break than deduction of the industry champion.


Ice-breaking - An Application of Invt send it overseas success of the drive

    February 2011, the British signed the Brazilian Witten successfully pressed sugar in a large set of low-voltage inverter 1000KW/440V equipment, breaking the foreign well-known automation vendors drive the region's long-term market monopoly, as Brazil's first success in the region China's low-voltage high-power inverter applications,booster cable creating a brand of Chinese overseas applications drive another success.


Shanghai Guanghua push the green: high quality and the pursuit of labor-saving

    The Second China (Guangdong) International Printing Technology Exhibition (Print China 2011) period, Shanghai Guanghua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Shanghai Guanghua") technology, all on behalf of the London R & D manager at the Shanghai Electric Group Printing and Packaging Machinery "promoting China Green Printing and Packaging sustainable development "theme of the seminar made a statement,booster cable and explains the main products of Shanghai Guanghua Technology highlights.


3 liquor companies short-listed Sichuan Forbes Global 2000

     26, "Forbes" Global 2000 strong release list, the list of 121 Chinese listed companies, including PetroChina, ICBC and CNOOC, etc., the total profit of up to 168 billion U.S. dollars, China is also following the U.S. and Japan , the top companies than any other country. Wuliangye, Panzhihua New Steel and Vanadium,booster cable Luzhou, Sichuan and other 3 companies on the list.


Senior Fellow at the age of both houses of the death of 98-year-old Luo Peilin

    Outstanding member of the Communist Party of China, the famous electronics and information scientists, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University Alumni Luo Peilin seniors illness treatment failed in at 0:05 on April 17, 2011 in Beijing, died at 98 years old .


Changge bathroom sales booming behind the "cheap" of War

    Along the Beijing-Guangzhou line and the 107 national highway, rail line all the way south, away from the city of Zhengzhou, Henan Province, where less than an hour, with one called "sanitary industrial base in central China," the place, this is the jurisdiction in Xuchang Changge city.


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