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National Grid "Twelve Five" 1.7 trillion yuan of investment power grid construction

   The current global energy, environment, climate change is becoming increasingly prominent, a diversified, clean, electric, intelligent direction for the development of the energy revolution is further forward, a new round of deepening global energy transformation is the core of power, The grid will become a new round of innovation and development of energy an important driver of change.


Prime Minister Naoto Kan: to adjust the energy policy to promote new energy generation

    Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan 25, said that Japan will substantially adjust the energy policy, fossil fuels and reduce dependence on nuclear energy, the fastest in 30 years of this century to increase the proportion of renewable energy to 20%.


100 MW solar thermal power plant demonstration project together started in Golmud

     The morning of May 21, Golmud solar thermal power projects - 100 MW Power Investment Golmud demonstration project of solar thermal power plants together under construction, 3.1 billion investment in the project, from the Yellow River Engineering Co., Ltd.booster cable optic power generation development and construction.


PV industry: hidden hidden behind high-speed

   Last year, the world's new capacity of 16GW of solar PV, the Chinese PV products accounted for "half." However, insiders pointed out that the leap-forward development of China PV power industry, from abroad, the key technology and equipment, market demand, raw materials, "three out" problem has plagued China's enterprises.


Condenser thermal power generation: Spain goal is to grid parity

   Spain's tax system and high sunlight conditions, the driver of the concentrating solar thermal (CSP) deployment. The challenge now is to reduce costs through economies of scale and new technology, the CSP will one day be no need for subsidies, Spain goal is to grid parity.


Solar thermal power generation gradually favored or in the future, "leading energy"

    National Development and Reform Commission recently issued the "Guiding Catalogue of Industrial Structure Adjustment (2011 version)" will be effective June 1st. Catalogue encouraged in the new category in the new energy, solar thermal power is placed in a prominent position. The industry believes that this means "second Five-Year" period, the state will vigorously promote industrial policy solar thermal power generation and its related equipment.


Energy industry will become the new commanding heights of global economic development

    One is the success of hidden champions, and the other is a failure of the flight, who were witness to the development of the industry, but also participants in this history.

Each time the crisis would bring about a new development. This time the turn of the new energy industries.

Japan to improve the proportion of renewable energy is still the mainstay of nuclear power

    Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan on the 25th that Japan will be large changes in energy policy, fossil fuels and reduce dependence on nuclear energy, the fastest in 30 years of this century to increase the proportion of renewable energy to 20%. Solar, wind and other renewable energy power generation at this stage only the country's total power generation of about 1%; even count the amount of hydroelectric power, renewable energy proportion is only 10%.


Looking around the world how to change a new energy future

    Global consensus on the solar industry forecast, the Japanese nuclear crisis events and watching the market situation of the Italian solar market reflects how closely the links between, and the prospect of the world's energy and attitude can do to change. Delay or completely cancel the construction of nuclear power plant will bring 50-60GW of potential opportunities for renewable energy that could be a turning point.


Xu: to adjust the energy structure of the development of nuclear energy and renewable energy

     Recently, the fourteenth session of the Forum on China Energy Strategy High-Tech Expo held in Beijing. Of the Tenth CPPCC National Committee vice chairman, former president of Chinese Academy of Engineering Xu said that China should adjust the energy structure, developing nuclear power and renewable energy, to achieve green development.


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