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Shenzhen electric vehicles banned from the roads because of public opinion opposed to ordering requirements

    While Shenzhen Traffic Police Bureau had provided July 1 fine for electric vehicles near the date of the official, recently submitted to the Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress for consideration, "the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Road Traffic Safety Regulations (second draft proposed revision of the draft)"booster cable the expression of the electric car have been some changes, which also seems to make a "virtual certainty" of Shenzhen electric car "ban" With the change possible.


"Five" power of information technology need to have two major trend

   2011, is the "five-second" first year. China's clear to UHV, to include smart grid, a national energy development strategy an important part. Therefore, the focus on "five" large-scale power intensive control of the central requirements of enterprises, to enhance the global competitiveness of the power conglomerate, booster cable to support national clean energy strategy and the smart grid requirements of information technology, building covering generation, transmission, distribution, electricity and other aspects of intelligence management platform for the various software companies to a higher demand.


State-by UHV high degree of recognition

   June 23, held in Beijing SASAC central business technology innovation conference, thoroughly implement the party's 17 th state, "second Five Year Plan" and the central enterprises "five-second" Development Plan spirit promote the implementation of technological innovation strategy of the deployment of the central business technology innovation. CPPCC Vice Chairman, Science and Technology Minister Wan Gang,booster cable director of SASAC, party secretary Wang Yong attended the meeting. Deputy director of SASAC, Party Committee member Huang Danhua presented at the SASAC issued "on the strengthening of the central views of enterprise technology innovation," the introduction of the background, meaning, the main content and meaning.


Shandong Electric Power 2011, the first identification of specific types of technicians work evaluation

      June 26-27th, the power industry in 2011, Shandong Province, the first technician vocational qualification evaluation work and school in Shandong Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Engineering at Shandong. From Shandong's 173 workers attended the DC high-level equipment maintenance, power dispatch, booster cable distribution lines, meter reading, accounting fees, erection of transmission line engineering technician identified five types of evaluation.


Xinjiang has a total power generation of solar photovoltaic power plant nearly 80,000 kwh

    June 28 news, after a month of commissioning and trial operation, the Tarim Desert Highway in the field of 10 new eco-shelter solar photovoltaic power plant has accumulated nearly 8 million kilowatt hours, running smoothly,booster cable to achieve the full range of solar power irrigation laid solid foundation.


Fujian clean energy consumption by 2015 the proportion will increase to 47.8%

    Fujian Province, recently introduced "five" energy development plan proposed in 2015, the proportion of the province's clean energy consumption from 42.5% in 2010 to 47.8%.

    The plan,booster cable Fujian Province in 2015 primary energy consumption to reach 140 million tons of standard coal, an average annual increase of 7.6%. From a structural perspective, in 2015 the province's primary energy consumption is 52.2% coal, oil 20.6%, power cord 7.7%, 9.8% nuclear power, natural gas 7.3%, other 2.4% energy. Of coal in primary energy consumption increased from 57.5% in 2010 to 52.2%, non-fossil energy consumption rose from 14.5% to 20%.


Solar thermal power generation: renewable energy to look forward to

   Solar thermal power based electricity can bear heavy loads. Concentrating solar thermal power (CSP) is the use of solar radiation concentrator equipment gathered, the device generates heat exchanger and then through the heat cycle for power generation.


Nearly 70% of Japanese people oppose the reduction required to restart nuclear power plants 47%

   The afternoon of April 26, Fukushima Prefecture Minamisoma machi, where the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima radius of 20 km cordon near a bicycle through the nearby residents, stature alone. In accordance with the provisions of the Government of Japan, 20 km cordon within the idlers banned.

Development of full spectrum solar cell conversion efficiency of up to 42% of the theoretical

    According to the American physicist Organization - June 27 (Beijing time) reported that Canadian scientists said they had developed a new full-spectrum solar cells, which can not only absorb visible light emitted by the sun, it can not absorb visible light, from In theory, the conversion efficiency of up to 42%,booster cable more than 31% of existing ordinary theory of solar conversion rate. Research published in the latest issue of "Nature Photonics" magazine.


Trapped by flooding the United States two nuclear power plants that run the standard

    Due to melting snow and heavy rain led to Missouri River water surge Hanoi Nebraska, Omaha river overflowed in the embankment. booster cable The city is located 80 miles south of a nuclear power plant under the threat of flooding, but no flood intrusion, flooding began 26 slightly faded. United States Nuclear Regulatory 26 senior officials said, the safe operation of nuclear power plants to meet standards.


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