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Fengtai: Grid time playing smart appliances "posts"

    Working time saving appliances can make an appointment for more than 5% of the user experience is seeking

     Yesterday (July 26booster cable the reporter learned from the Fengtai district government, the Marco Polo Bridge Street Lotus Park District to complete the transformation function of the smart grid system, smart electricity to residents collecting user experience.


China South Locomotive to sign the sales contract 6.9 billion in revenue last year accounted for 10.6%

    China South Locomotive subsidiary today unveiled a series of sales contracts signed in the near future, the total amount of about 6.89 billion yuan, trouble light accounting for the company in 2010 under Chinese accounting standards, revenues of 10.6%.


"Harmony" no "harmony" rear-end accidents are loopholes in EMU

   July 23, 2011 at 20:30 or so, Ningbo, Wenzhou isotherms Yongjia Station to South Station, the Beijing D301 train south of Fuzhou, Fuzhou and Hangzhou to the south D3115 train rear-end accident, the initial identification of cause of the accident is D3115 EMU train lost power after being struck by lightning stop, resulting in rear-end D301 train.


NVC partnership with Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric (SchneiderElectricSA., SU.FR) said Thursday that the company and the NVC Lighting Holdings Limited (NvcLightingHoldingLtd.,trouble light 2222.HK, referred to as: NVC) established a partnership to improve the lighting by NVC distribution channels to enhance the small city in China's market penetration.


Schneider Electric, a firm developing smart micro-grids of the road ahead

   Energy is an important economic and social development of material basis, since the 1970s, sustainable development has gradually become the ideological consensus of the international community, develop renewable energy sources has become a global revolution. As a renewable energy one of the most important issues, along with smart micro-grids to accelerate the development ushered in a new stage, and for distributed power and renewable energy in large-scale access to an important impact. booster cable As a smart grid is an integral part, the smart grid is a kind of micro-miniature power supply by the load and together constitute the system can maximize the use of renewable energy to form a distributed power supply, and improve power supply reliability, reduce costs and intelligent, and effectively promote the development of active distribution network.


Nuclear power does not change short-term to avoid the judge not to blindly into the market because of good news

   China's first nuclear fission reaction caused by the fast the Chinese Experimental Fast Reactor at 10:00 on the 21st successful implementation of the grid. booster cable This national "863" the full realization of the target major projects, marking the long-term technology development plan included in the national forefront of technology, fast reactor technology has achieved a major breakthrough.


Secret instrumentation industry, the main future market growth

       2011 China will have no market or instrument as gratifying growth in 2010, but still would be a steady growth trend. In the first five months of instruments and office machinery manufacturing paper investments amounted to 11.6 billion yuan, an increase of 39%. Customs data showed exports in the first quarter of instrumentation for the $ 9.441 billionbooster cable , an increase of 40.2%. A quarter of imports $ 17.97 billion, an increase of 35%.


Motor car rear-end accident: Yongtaiwen railway electrical systems for the construction of Railway Electrification Bureau

   It is understood, the occurrence of rear-end motor car accident Yongtaiwen railway track-laying project construction unit of China Railway Group (601390) (601390.SH) a subsidiary of China Railway First and Tiesiju, the company responsible for this section of the electrical system for the Chinese in iron under the China Railway Electrification Bureau. And this road many times previously that personnel casualties.


High-speed rail hidden chain survey: one involved in the electrical business

   An accident, let the Chinese high-speed rail into a huge nightmare.

    July 23 evening to Hangzhou, Wenzhou Yongjia deep south line between two train rear-end events, resulting in huge human and property losses, and causes all of the high-speed rail safety issues of torture.


NC Central 140 million yuan purchase of assets to improve the industrial chain of the servo motor

    January login GEM CNC machine tool manufacturers - NC Central by the end of May has suspended a major asset reorganization. The company's restructuring plan introduced shows that major shareholders will be required to buy CNC servo motor components of the development, booster cable production and sales of assets, valuation of these assets over $ 140 million.


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