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Australian officials said that China is expected to lead the new energy revolution

    30, the Australian House of Representatives climate change, environmental and artistic director of the Standing Committee of Baoding in Hebei booster cable visit, said China's new energy development is expected to lead the global technology revolution.


International Perspective of new energy markets: breakthrough and integration

   2012 "Kyoto Protocol" after the expiration of the new mechanism for reducing greenhouse gas emissions will further promote green economic development, the development of new energy will usher in a golden age. To seize the global energy industry, the rapid development of new strategic opportunities, trouble light energy at home and abroad to promote exchanges and cooperation between enterprises, by the China International Trade Promotion Committee and Jiangsu Provincial People's Government, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Jiangsu Province Branch and Wuxi Municipal People's Government jointly hosted the "Third China (Wuxi) International Energy Conference and Exhibition" will be held in November 2011 3 to 5 days in Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center. Through careful preparation, this exhibition will show a prominent theme, distinctive and exciting interactive features.


Toyota will promote smart grid research and development of new energy vehicles popular

     With increasing global warming, reduce the use of resources such as oil, reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions is increasingly becoming abooster cable common focus of attention around the world. For car manufacturers, in order to achieve low-carbon society, need a new generation of environmentally friendly cars make great efforts to popularize. However, just as conventional vehicles rely heavily on oil, the new energy vehicles for the consumption of electricity also should pay attention. In addressing the issue of power consumption, the current Toyota is conducting a research on the smart grid.


New energy vehicles: from "plug-in revolution" How far

    In the subsequent battle for market share, the first electric vehicle (EV) with low noise and no need to crank start the characteristics of the upper hand, but the gasoline car ride longer, so quickly occupied the dominant position. In 1911, when General Motors Charles Kettering (CharlesKettering) Cadillac invented the automatic starter, gasoline car has been everywhere.


Tightening market downturn had a hard time wind power business

   Wind tighter and tighter.

    Following the State Electricity Regulatory Commission to start the national safety inspection of wind power, the National Energy Board has issued 18 key technical standards for wind power industry, also issued a limited express notice to tighten the approval of wind power.


Smart grid construction and development industry to promote the development of a secondary substation

       Recently, the State Grid Corporation of Changchun in Jilin was held in mid-2011 Intelligent Infrastructure Conference and substation construction job site meetings, meetings to speed up the construction of intelligent power transmission project, carry out a comprehensive intelligent substation construction, standard intelligent power transmission project construction, improve the Intelligent power transmission project construction standards.


5 southern provinces has reached over ten million power shortage in five years the most severe state


    Beijing August 28, according to Voice of economic reports, the South China Guizhou, Yunnan and other regions of sustained high temperatures, dry weather, trouble light causing varying degrees of drought, high temperatures in the dry, water is short in the case of coal shortage, Southern Power Grid covers Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan and Hainan provinces and 5 severe shortage of electricity supply, the gap has reached 5 years of the most severe state.


Car prices need to explore a development road of new energy bus

   Needless to say, the new bus is the bus industry, energy is the future of passenger car market, based on this idea, the government attaches great importance to academics very seriously, companies attach great importance. However, after a few years, fishing, booing, and deficiencies, lack of nutrition or indigestion often seen in the media, many achievements, many problems, encountered a bottleneck in the development, government subsidies,booster cable technical route issues, industry standards, bull management issues, safety problems, the core support, and so on eleven surface. On to the Prime Minister down to the people, a matter of opinion, in fact, only one purpose is to explore a new energy bus development.


From photovoltaic to solar thermal: solar thermal power concern

    PV Gangster experienced challenges and hardships to China's new energy industry sounded the alarm.

    Clouded under, not just China's PV industry. From photovoltaic to wind power, new energy vehicles to high-speed rail related industries, has invested in a hot part of the new industries are facing some difficulties and trials. In contrast, solar thermal power generation beginning to receive attention, trouble light seems to be brewing for the next round of investment upsurge.


Hainan "five-second" new energy installed capacity will reach 1.06 million kilowatts

   Hainan Hainan Power Grid Corp. of new energy development, "five-second" planning study, Hainan Province, "five-second" new energy and research reports for review. It is understood that in 2015 the province's new energy installed capacity will reach 106 million kilowatts, the power of clean energy generating capacity ratio of 50% or more.


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