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Video analysis is imminent intelligent lead big advantage inventory

Network video monitoring developed so far, the video shows more, the advantages of digital video camera as a digital terminal, not only with digital video shooting, records, and other functions, can also through the network cameras implanted on some of the more CPU, high-end video analysis. The so-called "intelligence" is the prerequisite, need to deal with video analysis function or other management function, the intelligence function into the camera,booster cable the so-called "to use camera to do intelligent video analysis".


Solar power a significant diversification

   From a regional resource endowments, China's vast territory, large differences in natural endowments, different areas for different skills, different scale solar power generation facilities. For example, the development of large-scale power stations in the northwest region more economically,booster cable while small-scale development in the Southeast is more appropriate. From a technical point of view, to support industrial diversification and development, can be introduced, development and diversification of large amounts of solar technology industry to help achieve a higher level and broader range of development applications. Economic development potential, as the next major new economic growth point, solar power industry, the pattern of diversified development, industrial development will bring more areas, which greatly enhance the economic growth of the space.


Zhuxi "five-second" 1.4 billion yuan five-step development of biomass energy

   Zhuxi County Project Office recently learned from the "five-second" the county plans to invest 1.4 billion yuan during the development of biomass energy,trouble light biomass energy industry will become the second largest industrial investment Zhuxi County projects.


The fall buy big energy grasp the "wrong kill" and "than expected" opportunity

The power equipment overall valuations have a big adjustment, plate callback is closer to the end. The power equipment index from November 2010 has dropped sharply in the same period, 30.34% fell by 20% or so, boomed in csi 300 index fell 18.56%. Plate of close to break within 10% of the stock price over 47; Close to October 30, 2008-August 15, 2011 range low of 30% less than the stock more than 70 only; In the October 30, 2008-August 15, 2011 from the highest point interval fell more than 40% of the more than 100 shares, and close to the only on June 30, 2010 stock price within 10% of the more than 90 only. The power equipment of the whole city is filled with lead (PE) has been lower than at the end booster cable of June 2010, the level of city net rate (PB) has reached the end of October 2008, the level of the past pessimistic expected valuations obvious response. As the plates back sharply and power equipment and new energy 1025 planning policy comes on stage in succession, plate will have a better opportunity. Rising


Limited power in Shanxi fertilizer business once again, "bear the brunt."

    In an interview in early September Shanxi Electric Power Company, the relevant parties, the history of Shanxi now face the most severe power shortage situation. In the early summer of 2011, the national general are "power shortage", the coal-rich Shanxi province is sitting on resources due to an exception. But now, many years sitting on the coals of Shanxi, also could not escape the embarrassing situation of serious power shortages. The case of power shortage, Shanxi fertilizer business has become a primary goal of limited power.


Hu Zhaoguang: Why is there power shortage

   This year's power shortage is mainly institutional and regional power shortage: the rapid rise in coal prices led to thermal power plants contribute to inadequate power transmission capacity shortage makes cross-transfers between regions difficult.


Benefits of new energy vehicles to get out of the shackles of the cycle

  Since it is a new energy vehicles, new thing, it is inevitable that many obscure places. However, did not affect the enthusiasm of investors and auto manufacturers urge. As a national "five" focus on fostering the development of strategic new industries, new energy vehicles have attracted a full local government to cultivate new economic growth point of interest.


Emission standards for thermal power announced with great care subsidies or 20 billion out of stock onto users

   Highly anticipated "thermal power plant air pollutant emission standards," published dragged on, reporters yesterday from the Ministry of Environmental Protection Science, Technology and that the new standard has been completed the final revision and approval, published soon, however, "trouble light the new standard text and announcement to be published together with publishing promotional materials, "one official said.


Frequent restructuring of the industry into the photovoltaic industry in the watershed appear bubble

   Moment, many companies have to enter the photovoltaic industry are, there is the clothing industry, textile industry, feed industry, food industry, but some companies do even before the stationery, and do leather, make gifts. Why are these industries with the solar photovoltaic industry, there is no link, will be extending their reach to the PV field? Indeed, it is open up a new business! We all know, the PV industry, the threshold is not too high, companies willing to change jobs but also because of the traditional industries, intense competition, gross profit, booster cable gross margin and higher photovoltaic industry, attraction of their existence. Thus, with the solar industry is flourishing, many large companies outside the industry began to turn their attention to this area, to seek new economic growth point. Even in the market is so sluggish in 2011, some new enterprises do not know the road ahead is still bumpy, fall into the flock, leading to oversupply, chaos.


Drive industry growth to look forward to

   Drive industry growth in 2010 reached 27.27%, mainly in low-voltage converter in short supply last year, the growth rate of 30%, the first time in a high growth rate than the high-voltage inverter status; high-voltage inverter competition, prices continue downward trend . After calculation,trouble light the next drive industry will continue to maintain about 20% of the rate of growth.


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