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"Electricity shortage" grip of polysilicon enterprise or aggressively moved west

When power consumption in large power brownouts. What happens?

Many enterprises have the option of polysilicon is moved west, to energy to rich west. They have to leave the rich of the eastern coastal cities to the west development have to another big reason,booster cable it is the western region than from lower price. Can lasting solution to power supplies and, at the same time, also reduced production cost, what is there against it?


India photovoltaic enterprise seek relief policies to deal with the impact of China

With China in photovoltaic between enterprise competition and solar energy utilization rate close to the state of the environment a saturated the market,trouble light India pv equipment manufacturers hope through the use of the government's "policy intervention" to alleviate photovoltaic enterprise faces market impact.


According to the basic situation transformer industry in our country

Our country transformer manufacturing enterprise about 1500 homes. More than 500 kV transformer production enterprise nearly 30 house; More than 220 kV and enterprise about 50 home; 110 kV and below production enterprise in statistical range of a certain scale production enterprise of about 130 or so.


Cable industry need to strengthen the information construction

Wire DianLanYe with over 50 years' development, we can say that is to enter the competition of the white-hot stage, and the strength of the cable production enterprises have spent heavily on channel construction, at that time channel for the cloud of smoke. Facing the market form, brand, no nothing capital strength of small and medium-sized cable manufacturer enterprise how to respond? Is dying out there, or try to change?


Wind power after "great leap forward" can recover

Wind power after "great leap forward" booster cable in development, industry profit decline, wind power, science and technology, and the golden sinovel hunan electric shares were down 48.3% compared to the net profit, 45.0% and 43%, the wind power accessories business Thai-wind of the net profit dropped 61.5%, some small wind power enterprise went bankrupt. The wind power in an unprecedented lows.


In parts of southern power grid power lines appear ice cover

CCTV reported, the low temperature of sustained recent rain and snow lead to southern power grid part of power lines appear ice cover, guizhou and guangxi grid successively start low temperature freeze disaster warning and emergency response to four yellow.


2011 Chinese power: loading the line

In 2011, for China's power industry, it is squeezed for survival. The upstream of the dragon-shaped canoes pulling stage, the stage of the downstream firecrackers exploded. In the middle of the power industry has been a "quiet".


In 2011 the most valuable thing networking industry data

China has never any a new industry like things like networking thundered into the market potential of hot stage, perhaps with its background relevant, but through some data really reflect a problem:power cord things networking is a bright prospect.


Shi photovoltaic industry facing criticism to say

For a moment, we are in the dark. In addition to the sound of our two people outside, all around a deep silence. Time off from employees have passed nearly two hours, most people are gone, trouble light leaving only his voice echoed in the office.


Photovoltaic industry: polycrystalline silicon prices rise continuously


Polycrystalline silicon prices rebounded reason for two weeks, this is from March 2011 price highs for first time since rebounded. According to the latest PVInsights sample statistic, booster cable PV polysilicon price level rose 4.45% this week, keep rising for two weeks, and the lowest price back up to 30 $/ Kg. According to the latest EnergyTrend sample statistic


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