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China has completed three generations of key equipment research nuclear power

National nuclear power technology company chairman WangBingHua today announced here on the, the world the first three generations for the Westinghouse AP1000 nuclear power project,booster cable...

Shanghai electric will fully benefit from nuclear power to restart

Shanghai electric (group) Co., LTD. Is China's three big electric power equipment manufacture enterprise, one of the main business covers efficient clean energy, new energy and industrial equipment and modern service industry and so on four big plate.


Electronic products export threatened reform put new requirements

The European Union two "instruction" is a unity within the eu member states dealing with discarded electronic electric appliance equipment and with harmful substances electronic equipment of laws and regulations,booster cable...

To do smart and capable du labradors little switch socket don't pass

 A "du labradors promotion to record" inspired countless workplace white-collar heart resonance, especially the workplace HR. "Do HR easy? Light-hearted,booster cable in fact often personnel, administrative skill to pick, met as responsible for this kind of company labradors decorate and big engineering is the great responsibility, pesters!" A foreign company personnel director to reporters that miss wang. Yes, the company is not only related to decorate company's face problems, personnel arrangement for the use of fund and problems, more relevant company long-term office colleagues of the comfortable sex, practical, a detail negligence may become the focus of future colleagues complain.


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