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International flexible packaging industry development trend and the outlook

With the extension and expansion use aluminum, aluminum processing products has a broad market prospect. Plus the domestic existing ripe technology, the production of aluminum and aluminum products deep processing investment risk more small. Aluminum strip is light industry, transportation, telecommunications, and the important material printing etc, are widely used in construction and installation, traffic tools, the film and television equipment, textile machinery, electrical equipment, etc, about 10% growth in consumption. At present our country with a capacity to 0 for about 1.3 million tons and consumption of 1.5 million tons, annual net imports 250000 tons above, project wide prospect of market.


Traction electrical equipment industry development status and trends

Traction electrical equipment industry is our country since the mid s beginning. In international electrical standard IEC50 international electrician vocabulary chapter 81 of (1991-09 version) called "electric traction", including dc traction, single phase ac traction, thermoelectric traction, battery electric traction, energy storage traction and so on, besides vehicles outside, still include the motor vehicle and form a complete set, electric appliances,booster cable...


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