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Renewable energy development is imperative to China's energy structure adjustment

    Renewable Energy Research Development and Reform Commission Ren Dongming, director of the Center, said in a summit on global climate change, per capita emissions in developed countries is much higher than developing countries, China's per capita emissions of 4 tons, but it is far below that of developed countries, booster cable overall, both developed or developing countries, carbon emissions, or go the way of roads, but in response to this pressure, the state also adopted a series of measures, our country is the first greenhouse gas emitting countries, so with the rapid economic development, our carbon emission reduction caused great concern,power cord from the outside pressure is gradually increased.


Ten Zhongce selection of the electrical strength of Zhejiang brilliant cast brand

    A selection is a competition stage, the same film Oscar. Electrical network sponsored by the HC, "2011 China Top Ten Electric was named" Zhongce offers great Zhejiang business opportunities and branding opportunities. At present, the activity is hot Top 40 poll, the selection on a crowded war game brand, has been pro-industry holding various business and support. In the "top ten brands in the electrical industry,"booster cable the fierce competition in the award, Zhejiang Zhongce would be the starting line, the first round of voting a good start, get good grades, in the prestigious, star studded event for the first time electrical Ten selection, interpretation of the perfect storm .

Central China Power Grid is facing the biggest winter power shortage of 16 million kilowatts

     Central China Power Grid has experienced "record-high electricity load, continued tight supply of coal, a serious shortage of reservoir inflow, severe weather features clear, smooth overall power grid," a large electric load during the summer after he put meet peak winter grid preparation. Reporters from the October 9, Central China Power Grid Company, estimated winter and central regions will face the most severe in recent years, trouble light the power supply situation. Central China Power Grid is expected this winter will exceed the maximum power load in summer, reaching 127.72 million kilowatts (summer maximum power load of 124.66 million kilowatts), the maximum power shortage of 16 million kilowatts.


Port called on energy industry is facing multiple choice standardized

    Energy use in the shipping industry, rising costs and environmental pressures of the case, the ship's shore-based power technology and other emerging energy technologies in China's port development, but because of the lack of uniform technical standards and not a scale.


Huaxing Power 8.5-generation production line of duty or incentive to accelerate production

   12, TCL's Huaxing Power 8.5-generation production line, which is the 8th generation line following the BOE on September 27 announced that mass production, but also a national high-generation panel production line to achieve a breakthrough. It is reported that, TCL Multimedia LCD TV has begun to use a variety of Huaxing power production of LCD panels. TCL in that end of next year Huaxing power is expected to reach 100,000 per month a large plate glass production, domestic panel will occupy 20% of total demand. TCL chairman Li Dongsheng said, Huaxing power project successful mass productiontrouble light marking the TCL Group, the whole LCD industry chain upstream and downstream vertical integration advantages of shape.


Shenzhen three years training one to two business things over one billion

  Abstract: Shenzhen things to boost industrial development, plan to set up the networking industry alliance, the construction of public R & D platform, the core of things within three years to cultivate industrial output value of over $ 1 billion business scale of 1-2 at home, over a hundred million of the company up to 3-5 at home, things to achieve three or more listed companies.


Three pre-war mobilization of the electrical market in Nanning

     One hundred square electrical network and a dollar's third collaboration, "led by Miles Love" campaign team rushed to Nanning from booster cable the North Sea in Anji Road, Sau Ling Road, North Road and other morning to find a male, dumbo, is training three intensive electrical distribution market.


CSR Times Electric Holdings Canada Danny Fox

   Event Playback:

    October 2008, Zhuzhou CSR Times Electric Co., Ltd. acquisition of Canadian companies a 75% stake Danny Fox, which is China's first cross-border rail transport industry mergers and acquisitions, the largest in Asia after the high-power semiconductor manufacturing base. July 2011, and Alstom Power UK (hereinafter referred to as PEA) signed a memorandum of understanding on developing the global transmission and distribution market reached a preliminary letter of intent, which is, after following the acquisition of Danny Cox in the international field of power electronics strategy is another important measure.


Northeast Electric high-voltage power transfer trillion profit erosion 39,450,000 10.2%

   Northeast Electric <00042.HK> announced cost of 103 million yuan (about 1.26 billion) sale of high-voltage electrical Shenyang trillion 10.2% booster cable equity interest, loss on sale of 39.45 million yuan is expected. Upon completion, the Group holding will fall to 6.89%. Target company engaged in the switches control equipmentpower cord manufacturing, casting and machinery manufacturing. Statement refers to, having regard to changes due to customer's manufacturing operations lead to the target number of sales trouble light of products plummeted, and raw material costs rose, the past fiscal year recorded a net loss, it is considered the future outlook is not optimistic.


Yiwu merchants intended to force the domestic market is one yuan Electrical

    "Because of development needs, we are planning a street market in Yiwu Electrical to open a 200-square area of ??the shop to focus on developing the domestic market." Yiwu market has been engaged in foreign trade electrical Cheng, general manager of sales, said to enter the domestic market, trouble light one company in strength of considerable domestic market business is a good choice.


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