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China is the biggest demand for national smart grid

   Experience with similar ultra-high voltage grid, since May 2009, State Grid Corporation of proposed "smart grid" has been around the concept, role, R & D and equipment manufacturing, as well as technical and economic issues, the industry has a different view. UHV preparation and smart grid is a solid and reliable, but in the implementation level, the two were significantly different.


Electrical enterprises to enter the "low profit" era?

  Days not as frustrating.

This is probably the most electric companies now helpless voice. Over the years, China's electrical industry to maintain a high growth trend, a group of medium-sized business stand out. However, along with raw material prices, labor costs, financing costs continue to rise, corporate profits generally decline Electric has become an indisputable fact.


Iran to build coal-fired power plants first selected Shanghai Electric

    Recently, Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd. and the Iranian power plant project management company in Tehran, Iran, Iran signed the first coal-fired power plant - Tabas 2 × 325MW units to expand the project BTG supply and service contracts. This is the first signed by Shanghai booster cable Electric in RMB-denominated, paid by overseas engineering contracts, effective to avoid exchange rate risk.


Schneider Electric: Rio Tinto smart grid "New Board"

   The rapid expansion of the smart grid market is becoming a battleground separate ways. As China entered the construction phase of smart grid, smart grid concept around a variety of cutting-edge technology development and research are endless.


Transformer industry, "medical" report made the passing rate is very low

   Total sample of 29 companies of 29 sets of products. 20 qualified products, nine of product failure, product sample pass rate of 69.0%.

    Large, medium and small business products passing rate gap between the small and large enterprise product sample pass rate of 75.0%, while small and medium enterprises of the product sample pass rates were 63.6% and 71.4%.


Guan Qingyou: Exploring China's smart grid and high efficiency

     In fact, the overall power grid development in China is not lagging behind, and China from the outset in the formulation of rules, even in some areas is still in the lead. China is now carried out by a variety of programs, including new energy plan, smart grid plan, should reflect their own advantages and characteristics. In fact, low-carbon economic development, especially the eastern countries fit government-led economic model.


"52 up behind the tower" - wire and cable industry overcapacity

    CCTV economic half-hour episodes on wire and cable industry overcapacity, a column - "52 towers stand behind! "

     CCTV Financialbooster cable Channel "economic half-hour" column group for the first time the status quo of China's wire and cable industry, a comprehensive report, the investigation time in a week to get the city government, town government, associations, cable plant support entrepreneurs, said he was very grateful ! If there is no association Secretary-General of the leadership of Jiang Jianzhong reception, we will conduct unannounced visits to many cable companies. power cord We see August 18, 2010 "economic half-hour" program broadcast of "52 up behind the tower" after some uncomfortable, but the real objective of the report reflects the cable industry's status quo. Up the construction of the tower reflects the industry there are only some of the problems, if we want to be responsible for the industry in good faith; responsible for the safety of power transmission, we will dare to face the industry survey.trouble light The survey for the country's cable industry sounded an alarm! Industry not only to actively respond to the global financial and economic crisis, they also had to face their own crisis of confidence, even in the high economic growth period can avoid this problem, if one day the cable industry is topple, collapse, then it should be said to some extent and it was our own topple, the collapse is that we defeat ourselves.


Cable Commentary: The news for the industry to provide true information

    Background activity: mechanical and electrical hardware for the building industry, commercial exchange rings to help small and medium enterprises ... Intel invite fiberglass mold suppliers down the supply chain to promote mold industry in Japan the focus of offshore business world Qi-Xiong swordfight mold power cable home: China's largest and most the authority of the wire and cable industry e-commerce site. name = description> wire and cable,trouble light fiber optic cable, cable materials, cable equipment, copper and aluminum prices, bidding information, supply and demand information, products, membership services, advertising services. name = keywords>


Next five years, the value of China instrument industry sales or close to one trillion

        Instrument Industry Association released the latest data show that in 2010 the scale of production and instrumentation industry topped 500 billion yuan. booster cable Association established in accordance with "five" planning requirements, industry production value of the next five years, or close to one trillion yuan, an average annual growth of 15% planned, the cumulative increase of 74.9% or more, the instrument sales volume in the "five" period will be close doubled. Total profit during the whole industry will reach 71.3 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 13%; main income margin of power cord 8.5% -9%, total assets reached 870 billion yuan.


National Day holiday, the public need not worry about "electrical"

       The upcoming National Day, the city's gas and electricity can properly protect the public holiday? Yesterday, Chengdu City Gas Co., Ltd.trouble light and Chengdu Electric Power Bureau is responsible for the value of listening to 96,110 people civilized hotline. Chengdu City Gas Company side Qing Yong, vice president of production, "said National gas to protect the public properly, the city's daily supply of natural gas increased from 230 to 255 Articles Articles, during the holiday season, the gas company will suspend construction, touch tube, to ensure that gas does not plan to stoppower cord . rescue personnel 24 hours a day, within the Third Ring Road within half an hour, less than an hour outside the Third Ring rushed to the scene to deal with Chengdu Electric Power Bureau, said Chen Min, deputy director of marketing during the holiday season , Electric Power Bureau will step up inspections to prevent damage to network equipment, causing power outages and other circumstances outside; Electric Power Bureau hotline 24 hours,booster cable the repair team on duty 24 hrs.


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