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Third-generation nuclear power plant main equipment in place policies looming signals thaw

  China Nuclear Engineering and Construction Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "China's nuclear build") announced that the official website yesterday, the day 12:18, under construction by the Chinese nuclear five nuclear construction general contracting company in Zhejiang Sanmen Island Unit 1 nuclear pressure vessels successfully in place, thus achieving the main unit of the nuclear installation of the first major node. China's nuclear build,booster cable said this marks the world's first third-generation AP1000 reactor pressure vessel type a successful installation.


Jiangxi photovoltaic industry will form "a nuclear power plant area," layout

   September 21, the seventh "Pan will be a" strategic project promotion of new industries was held in Nanchang, press conference was informed that the PV industry in Jiangxi Xinyu City will form the core of "a nuclear power plant area," layout, to 2015, Jiangxi main business income or photovoltaic industry will reach 250 billion yuan.


Adds the huge loss of electricity prices under the weight of the New Deal by two hundred billion environmental abatement costs

    21 Ministry of Environmental Protection published the full text of "fire power plant air pollutant emission standards" ("new standard"). Comprehensive CEC and the Ministry of Environmental Protection estimated that caliber, the next five years, on the one hand, coal-fired power will be for the new NOx standard to pay nearly two thousand billion; the other hand, state subsidies and denitrification price inflation year limited "basically impossible" introduced. Huge loss in the first half of the industry's thermal power industry is destined to worse.


Interpretation of Energy Development and Reform Commission: add a new emphasis on coal energy integration

     Department of Industry Development and Reform Commission yesterday in the interpretation of the responsible person, "Guiding Catalogue of Industrial Structure Adjustment (2011 version)" - the energy field, said, "directory" the old version (2005) part of the energy in the entry has been unable to meet technological progress and development of energy industry trends, so "directory" in the energy-related entries must be revised.


Jiuquan wind power: Wind power consumption is satisfied with the price mechanism to be resolved Cheng

  Wind power is a renewable, clean energy, China has been in the past few years to develop. Data show that during the Eleventh Five-Power to double installed capacity of five consecutive years, cumulative wind power installed capacity of 2010 we have been up to 44,733,000 kilowatts. To become the world's largest wind power installed capacity of the country. Many places due to natural conditions to develop wind power, Jiuquan is one of them. booster cable As a world-renowned library of the air and wind, where the annual average wind speed of 8.3 meters per second actually, the equivalent of 365 days a year, a year a wind blew from the spring and winter "- that is for local people to describe the Jiuquan. , blowing every day four or five of the wind, Jiuquan people have this miserable, but now, where the wind has become the pride of local resources.


Wind power companies to accelerate overseas expansion Zhang Huarui wind power by the Brazilian Order

    Following Goldwind has announced $ 200 million wind farm construction, after the United States, Sinovel yesterday declared the South American market, trouble light with the Brazilian renewable energy company signed a contract Desenvix, Sergipe, Brazil will be located in areas of wind farms to provide 23 sets of wind turbine. It is reported that the two wind power giant in the first half were poor performance, analysts pointed out that domestic market saturation, expansion into overseas markets has become a trend.


Hubei accelerate wind power development have been built four wind farms

    Brief content: Reporters learned from the Hubei Province Development and Reform Commission, Hubei Province, is stepping up efforts to develop wind power resources, in addition to Longgan Lake wind farm, together Yueshan two wind power projects have been approved recently, the province's total energy whilebooster cable of 15 million kilowatts of wind power projects approved by the State Development and Reform Commission.


Where wind power will not be started without authorization and not to subsidize network

      Provinces required before approval of wind power projects submitted to the National Energy Board approved the plan, approved by the National Energy Board agreed only after the state's renewable energy development fund price subsidies


Ye Rong Tian: China's hydropower, the market reversed hope!

  They must want to see what I saying, what we still have to quibble, what inspiration. Indeed, I now that is the universal enemy. I did not need to justify anything for themselves, but I told everyone that the index may fall below your account, but not below your dignity as a human being and confidence. The more difficult the more we see when a hero. From April, there is no change in view of time is my fault really. But you do not forget to look empty at this time can not prove you have the skill, the real ability of people in this most certainly is, when Bear and the courage to make bold trouble light to predict buying people. Perhaps because they know that will continue to bear, but then how to bear also the case. As long as the courage to seize the opportunity to buy one, welcome back once all the chips in a bear market bottom will be shown with potential money-back guarantee.


China's hydropower financing or broken twenty billion

     Mainland China's hydropower market during the year's largest IPO prospectus 19 release, the proposed public offering of China's hydropower is not more than 3.5 billion A shares, raising nearly 17.3 billion yuan (RMB, same below), there are investment bankers said the final amount booster cable of financing or breaking 20 billion million mark. The industry believes that the current A-share market depends mainly on the maintenance of the stock of capital, in this fragile point in time a large-scale IPO, further exacerbating market pressures.


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