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Second five energy saving dual-drive sharing governors and ministers have indicators

   As a "second Five Year Plan" of the hard constraints, "five" emission reduction targets of the implementation of the strategy is clear.

    September 7, "" five "comprehensive energy conservation program of work" (hereinafter referred to as "work program") formal announcement. Contains 50 measures, nearly ten thousand words of the program, from the emission reduction targets, major projects,trouble light tax protection, conservation management and other aspects, described the "five" emission reduction picture.


Energy subsidies to raise the threshold by the New Deal or the "Golden September" Condition

   Recently, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers released in August this year and the first eight months of car sales data. Overall, domestic car sales in August compared with July, the situation has improved, and the chain showed a positive growth year on year. Meanwhile, the reporter learned from the Huizhou Vehicle Administration in August, Huizhou new car on the card also achieved steady growth year on year. After consecutive months of falling sales and prices dropping, the auto market in August in time for the pick up in advance of September, so some of the bad-mouthing the auto market analyst surprise.


The new energy automotive industry, or "cloud"

    In recent years, China's auto market low-carbon, zero emissions, promote new energy automotive industry and so popular. Automobile market, not only Toyota Camry, Prius, Honda Civic, the introduction of technologies such as hybrid assembly, but also BYD E6, the so-called own-brand Chery S18, more cottage simmering electric vehicles, new energy technologies and better Chevrolet VOLT, Nissan and other models will also be powder LEAF


Why PV "wall flower wall incense"

  Reading Tips: 50 percent of global production, 2.2% of global installed capacity, the huge contrast between the huge market not only indicates the risk, but also with China's development of photovoltaic energy in mind the new poles apart. The only way out is to reduce the cost of mass-market application, a late benchmark tariff policy, is expected to accelerate the start of the domestic market, change the "ninety percent" export history, as soon as possible so that people have access to clean, environmentally friendly, renewable solar energy .


"Eugenics": the standard certification of photovoltaic solar energy

  In early August, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a surprise awaited the industry benchmark price of photovoltaic power generation $ 1.15 price that the industry "Anshuang." This will open up the domestic photovoltaic applications the most important aspect is bound to greatly stimulate the domestic PV market expansion. It is anticipated that the rapid increase of the photovoltaic cake temptation, has entered the market or preparing to enter the market-related businesses will enjoy a good dinner. Also can be expected, after the initial emotions later,booster cable with the market competition intensifies, companies seem to swarm to share interests will naturally be classified into different positions in this market. A few powerful companies in the industry will rise, more SMEs will be attached to large enterprises in the industrial end. And to be among the top, we must have strong technical strength in the basis for the buyers to provide the excellent quality products. Product quality certification to become the key to control the industry. "PV market high end products on how to divide" has become a topic of concern to us.


Northeast power grid verification low voltage ride through capability of wind power

      Brief content: In recent years the rapid development of wind power because wind power has become second only to the Northeast power grid's second largest thermal power supply. More concentrated due to the wind TV access 220 kV EHV grid, the low voltage ride through capability affect the system security has become the most important factor. Although the state has introduced low-voltage wind turbine testing standards trouble light and regulations, but by the actual detection limits are far from being able to meet the needs of development and operation of wind power.


Xinhua point of view: the pollution of the polysilicon under the high-tech industry, the pain

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    Sewer emergent large underground acid substances, leading to the collapse of urban sewage treatment systems (some of our gate equipment ah ah ah, and so have the water pump corrosion, corrosion is not effective after a),


Help build a database of domestic security is a key smart grid

   Recently, the Beijing Electric Power Company because of the smart grid construction speed, quality and obvious effect, the State Grid Corporation system played an exemplary role by the State Grid Corporation related to the leadership affirmed. It is reported that Beijing's use of national grid electricity smart grid scheduling support system D5000-based platform is based on native database vendors Beijing Information Technology Co., Ltd. Daikin positions (referred to as NPC gold positions) to develop the product KingbaseES. Currently, the system has been in the North China Power Grid, Beijing city supply, electricity, Hebei Province, Hengshui Power Supply Company, Shanxi Electric Power Corporation,booster cable Jiangxi Electric Power Company on-line application. Since September 2009, since on-line operation, a large amount of data storage and updating of the premise, gold warehouse database system KingbaseES successfully meet the performance requirements, system stability and efficiency has been recognized by the user.

Ministry: Project approval is expected polysilicon gate

       7, the Ministry of Industry issued "on the issuance of" polysilicon industry access application report, "the notice (the" Notice ")," clearly, with relevant ministries will be published by notice in line with the conditions of the polysilicon enterprises access list. The industry believes that this is the polysilicon gate project approval will be an important signal, but also for the domestic photovoltaic market to start to prepare the conditions for the application.


"Twelve Five" period, Guangxi will invest 6.73 billion yuan to build the distribution network in Nanning

        "Nanning" five "and below 110 kV distribution network planning" has recently passed the assessment Southern Power Grid Company. "Twelve Five" period, Guangxi Power Grid Corporation plans to invest 6.73 billion yuan for 110 kV and below,booster cable Nanning City, the construction of distribution network, including urban distribution 3.12 billion yuan, 3.61 billion yuan in rural distribution network.


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