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Houjie: to create the largest professional cable market


     Electrical equipment if you leave the cable, it would be hard to imagine. With the Pearl River Delta town of Hsitou Houjie strong community advantages of the cable industry, financing more than 100 million yuan to build the largest and highest grade cable market, promote the cable industry chain in South China to further improve.


National Electric Energy Technology Council of the Fifth Third notice

   Members of the council, experts, energy companies:

     National Electric Energy Eleventh Annual Technology Conference and the China Electrotechnical Society of Professional Committee of electrical energy, electrical energy, Shenzhen City, Fifth Third Research Council will be held October 25-27 held in Jiaxing City in Zhejiang. Will conduct the following procedures:


Changsha customs force in hengyang factory production help foxconn


Changsha customs and membership of hengyang customs and service quality, professional guidance force help in hengyang) (foxconn into production. Since August 9, in hengyang customs realize foxconn networking supervision, in a month since the actual imports of $50000.


Expert interview: apple should be public and industry and commerce list as soon as possible

A top sports supplies the controller of the company that once told me, their a generation of industry and commerce in a factory for women employees provides pregnancy testing services.

"It sounds good," I say, "manufacturers concerned about female employees." His sympathy to saw my one eye. The factory through the pregnancy tests, once found pregnant women, will try to apply for maternity leave in their fire before them. He's asked them to stop this practice.


The quality administration announced a mobile phone qualified 43 40 produced in shenzhen

Reporters from the state quality inspection administration official web site, the agency that has released a GSM/GPRS mobile phone products quality supervision inspection, in the country of the selective examination to 43 batch unqualified GSM/GPRS mobile phone products, the results showed that there are 40 batches of the mobile phone produced in shenzhen, percentage as high as 93%.


Byd response for strategic adjustment layoffs

Byd response for strategic adjustment layoffs sep 13, 10:20 Beijing daily

Byd Co., LTD earnings fell sharply in the first half net profit and layoffs storm become the focus of attention of the industry. 9,, a 2011 co first extraordinary shareholders'trouble light general meeting, the chairman of the company WangChuanFu said the cuts is unavoidable, also reiterated that strive to achieve output in 2015 China's first goal will not change.


Video analysis is imminent intelligent lead big advantage inventory

Network video monitoring developed so far, the video shows more, the advantages of digital video camera as a digital terminal, not only with digital video shooting, records, and other functions, can also through the network cameras implanted on some of the more CPU, high-end video analysis. The so-called "intelligence" is the prerequisite, need to deal with video analysis function or other management function, the intelligence function into the camera,booster cable the so-called "to use camera to do intelligent video analysis".


Solar power a significant diversification

   From a regional resource endowments, China's vast territory, large differences in natural endowments, different areas for different skills, different scale solar power generation facilities. For example, the development of large-scale power stations in the northwest region more economically,booster cable while small-scale development in the Southeast is more appropriate. From a technical point of view, to support industrial diversification and development, can be introduced, development and diversification of large amounts of solar technology industry to help achieve a higher level and broader range of development applications. Economic development potential, as the next major new economic growth point, solar power industry, the pattern of diversified development, industrial development will bring more areas, which greatly enhance the economic growth of the space.


Zhuxi "five-second" 1.4 billion yuan five-step development of biomass energy

   Zhuxi County Project Office recently learned from the "five-second" the county plans to invest 1.4 billion yuan during the development of biomass energy,trouble light biomass energy industry will become the second largest industrial investment Zhuxi County projects.


The fall buy big energy grasp the "wrong kill" and "than expected" opportunity

The power equipment overall valuations have a big adjustment, plate callback is closer to the end. The power equipment index from November 2010 has dropped sharply in the same period, 30.34% fell by 20% or so, boomed in csi 300 index fell 18.56%. Plate of close to break within 10% of the stock price over 47; Close to October 30, 2008-August 15, 2011 range low of 30% less than the stock more than 70 only; In the October 30, 2008-August 15, 2011 from the highest point interval fell more than 40% of the more than 100 shares, and close to the only on June 30, 2010 stock price within 10% of the more than 90 only. The power equipment of the whole city is filled with lead (PE) has been lower than at the end booster cable of June 2010, the level of city net rate (PB) has reached the end of October 2008, the level of the past pessimistic expected valuations obvious response. As the plates back sharply and power equipment and new energy 1025 planning policy comes on stage in succession, plate will have a better opportunity. Rising


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