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The solar-thermal industry foreground and setbacks. Amen

According to public data showed that in 2011, the industrial production of solar thermal vacuum tubes 8 million cigarettes, the solar energy water heater of vacuum tubes and flat 57.6 million square meters,booster cable a 17.6% increase over 2010, total quantities for 193.6 million square meters, the growth rate of 15.2%. The rate of growth of 30% compared with previous years, 2011 years has become the solar-thermal make use of the industry history of the slowest growth a year.


Solar energy market winter: photovoltaic heavy typhoid solar-thermal small cold

New industry, clean energy, high profit and capital market wealth myth...... Ever been countless aura, the prospect seems to be a light of the solar industry, but in the winter market in this year. booster cable First the pv industry developing rapidly, is met with European debt crisis, the international market saturation, so that the product price drop, export of road blocked; Gp666b industry into to the country after The Times, difficult to promote rural market, city market development is slow. The solar industry is facing "for their" dilemma, according to professional sources, and the situation is going to continue for some time.


China's terminal industry enterprise brothers "year-end sprint"

Enterprises to realize the transformation and upgrading of products and brands, cross catch up with three major tasks strength, making money is key. It was nearly year-end, reporter for the last few days into China terminals world enterprise, deeply feel the terminal brand enterprise "big sprint" has more enthusiasm, feel electrical enterprise implementation of the strategy was 1025 strong steps.


Flat high electric: uhv to force overseas business ChengLiang points

Uhv GIS is the company's main profit growth point:

On December 16, 1000 kv southeast shanxi-nanyang-jingmen uhv communication experiment demonstration project extension project put into operation formally. This project is the first with 5 million kw stability ability of ac power transmission project, realizing the two-way, and the voltage, large capacity transmission, maximum transmission power reach 5.72 million kilowatts, reach the standard was designed, which marks the engineering model with success.booster cable In power failures have not been effectively relieve the problem in the background of uhv communication construction is also expected to speed in 2012.


Sichuan star cable 6, to 86.67 million strands will issue

Securities regulatory commission recently announcement,trouble light the CSRC motherboard FaShenWei is scheduled for January 6 audit sichuan star cable Co., LTD starting application.


State grid uhv engineering is progressing smoothly

Uhv into the state's "1025" plan for, show that the nation's energy strategy of ultra-high voltage on the development of the high attention. For the national grid company, it is the development of ultra-high voltage focus, the research and demonstration construction stage to speed up the construction of comprehensive stage.booster cable In this stage, the central task is built as soon as possible, the harmonious development of the ac/dc reasonable structure, high pressure backbone network, safeguard energy security and power supply reliable, ensure safety, economy, efficiency power network operation and achieve good construction, operation and management good goals, in national energy comprehensive transportation system play a key role.


ShangPu consultation: high voltage inverter market has a huge potential for development

With modern electronic technology and microelectronics technology fast development, the high voltage inverter in the products high pressure high-power frequency control device constantly mature. The original hard to solve problems of high pressure, in recent years, through the series or unit series got a very good solve. booster cable ShangPu advisory machinery industry analysts pointed out that, at present, the domestic market is still in the high voltage inverter in the early stages of the growth, its main five major characteristics:


China intelligence network where to go?

July 19, 2011 release of the "China intelligent power network information technology system white paper" points out, in intelligent power grid construction stepped-up process, the traditional network business model is facing the challenge of reform, enterprise production and management, the business will constantly tend to fusion innovation. Smart grid business reform and innovation in the application of information technology to put forward higher requirement,trouble light information technology not only need for grid enterprise development strategy and businesses to provide support, and more need as enterprise business innovation important engine, leading to the power grid of traditional business intelligence, and information direction.


2011 industrial electrical industry nine cases of "the most"

See the time flies

I pray that tomorrow

Every little dream can realize slowly

I am so ordinary but again so lucky

I say thank you

In my life each day



Electrical appliance industry characteristics and the need to import and export concern

According to customs statistics, in 2011 the first half of electrical appliance industry import and export $66.325 billion, more than the same period in 2010 (hereinafter referred to as the year-on-year growth of 21.25% imported 26.448 billion us dollars, up 17.84%; Export 39.878 billion us dollars, up 23.62%. Import and export surplus of $13.43 billion. (above all press China machinery industry federation, the same below).


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