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Sinovel wind power knowledge copyright disputes topic

Sharp wind power and former partner amsc knowledge copyright disputes have make topic, this year's sinovel wind power is constant turmoil. But will the funds raised $5.87 billion permanent added liquidity, effectively relieve the previous high debt management money tight situation also envy others evil spirit. booster cable In operation, the performance of the face of the rapid also cited market questioned the sponsor not "due diligence."


Switch on the power technology development trend

Switching power supply is to use modern power electronic technology, using power semiconductor devices as a switch, through the control switch transistor opened and shut off the time ratio (occupies emptiescompared), adjust the output voltage, maintain stable output of a power supply. In the early 1980 s computer power achieve of switch power supply, the first complete computer power generation, in the 90 s switching power supply has been used in all kinds of electronic, electrical equipment, pabx, communication, electric power test equipment power and control equipment of power supply. booster cable Switching power supply general by pulse width modulation (PWM) control IC and MOSFET composition. Switch power supply, linear power supply and compared, both the cost as the output power increases, power cord but both growth rate each different. Linear power cost in a certain output power point, but higher than the switch power, this is called cost reversal points. Along with the power electronic technology development and innovation, make the switch power technology and constant innovation, the cost is low point to reverse the output power move, and switch power supply provided a broad space for development.


Photovoltaic power station will be the future photovoltaic industry investment new window

December 19, solar industry appeared plate to the rise of the whole market, among them the day the sun, ican technology, jiangsu macro treasure harden, other stock gains are the first, we think that this and warren buffett, a subsidiary of the energy holding company has released a statement from the company to buy NRG energy, melon card even solar plants, 49% of the shares in the project concerning events, but industry fundamentals did not change significantly, trouble light still recommend that investors in industry after thaw in uncertainty, risk preference is the strong power of investment can focus on a listed company of short-term trading opportunities.


The three gorges group 2.7 billion euros Portugal shareholder power

China Yangtze three gorges group company (ThreeGorgesCorporation) in the main electric power enterprises-buy Portugal Portuguese electricity company (EnergiasdePortugal, hereinafter referred to as EDP) shares in a bid to win. The 2.7 billion euros ($) deal is regarded as the open debt the euro-area economy to China sells assets precedent.


Two consecutive day drop stop light electric break down a wisdom

Different dynamic performance: 22 wisdom light earlier in the electrical (002169) have failed to get rid of the decline to open quotation price drop stop, then reaped modest rise, trouble light but still not get rid of drop stop fate. The afternoon when 14 16 points, the stock funds in driven finally opened drop stop, but the market will chase after go up is not strong, end dish sealed again drop stop.


Electrical equipment: the environmental protection industry market transition speed

A summary, events

December 20,, to advance "1025" during the environmental protection industry science development, accelerate resource conservation and environment friendly society construction, booster cable the state council formulated and issued by the state environmental protection "1025" plan ".


South Network a number of results high-pressure technology to fill the gaps

   Southern Power Grid research achievements fill the gaps HVDC technology has reached international advanced level of integration

    December 2, national "booster cable five" major energy construction projects west to east --- Nuozhadu Xiluodu station to send the right bank power plant in Guangdong and Guangdong to send two direct current transmission project (collectively, the "two crossing" project) while Southern Power Grid started. Remarkably, the "two crossing" engineering equipment localization rate than ever before to increase substantially Xiluodu right bank of the power transmission project is 100%.


Three generations of Chinese nuclear power wrestling past been fooled?

  According to Westinghouse consortium nuclear technology with the United States formally signed the contract, a comprehensive technology transfer, China has decided to approach the introduction of third generation nuclear power technology AP1000, the construction of Zhejiang Sanmen, Shandong Haiyang two nuclear power demonstration project, a total of four nuclear power units, and plans to will be built and put into operation in 2013. As a result, trouble light in 2007 had started construction of these two items entered into the world's first commercial operation of the AP1000 project.


Energy security is the power demand trend is the trend

    China Smart Grid online 2011-12-1913:43:35 I Submission Keywords: intelligent control systems scenery complementary video surveillance China Smart Grid News Online: Wind power generation system has not required the laying of long-distance transmission lines, without excavation of the road pipe, no transmission and energy consumption characteristics, its unique advantages in the city road, highway lighting is very conspicuous. Sunny light intensity, rainy days, the larger the wind; summer sun is strong, the winter wind is larger, its use of solar and wind complementary, integrated system through solar and wind power generation, energy storage during the day and night, through the intelligent control system for street booster cable lighting to power. Wind and solar street lighting system embodies the concept of environmental protection energy-saving, one-time investment in electricity transmission lines with conventional lamp-based system,power cord roughly the same power, but wind and solar systems can make use of the funds invested inexhaustible wind energy and solar energy to provide a stable reliable power, both economic efficiency and achieve significant energy saving effect.


Chinese electric car "civil war" outlaw team PK

    From 2010 to now, domestic sprung out many new energy vehicles, electric car alliance, and sometimes formed a central electric vehicle industry alliance enterprises "national team" war where "motley crew" of the confrontation. Unfortunately, in this more than a year's time, we rarely have the opportunity to see these companies introduced new models, new technology, more of each other in different contexts and the passing attack. trouble light Joined forces against foreign car manufacturers, directly to China the first wave of new energy vehicle market offensive alliance with major domestic enterprises can hold their own "position" it?


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