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Difficult to achieve grid - solar power into the display

    In recent years, China's domestic PV market is starting to accelerate, but encountered problems of wind power and other new energy sources for many years "and network difficulties". This problem have, in addition to PV own shortcomings, power grid construction lag, the worrying thing is that in some areas,booster cable the photovoltaic power generation wind power is being copied resulting risk of delay in the Internet.


Second Five Things formally issued to cultivate key enterprises

   Reporters learned from the channel, "Networking" second five "development plan" has been officially issued. "Plan" clearly, will increase tax support, development funds to increase the scale of things, increase the industry for special things such as the proportion of investment to encourage private capital, foreign investment in the Internet of Things.


HVDC power development plays a vital role in China

  12 from the State Electricity Regulatory Commission was informed that the majority of cross-transmission, especially China, "West to East" take the main DC transmission, DC transmission technology in China's power development plays an important role.


Goes to shuffle PV: PV companies nationwide fell to 10 or

      "Integration is to accept to join the Commonwealth, or continue to risk going it alone?"

    In the photovoltaic industry as a whole into the cold of winter, Zhejiang Kaihua 60 small and medium enterprises are faced with such a solar multiple-choice questions.


Germany to promote low-cost charging electric cars to reduce the cost of pile

 According to foreign media reports, Germany is promoting low-cost charging pile, to reduce the electric vehicle and infrastructure cost. Currently, the German electric car charging no display on the pile, trouble light and any buttons. Systems rely on charging stations automatically, charging information directly through the network in a smart phone or car displayed on the screen, you can also send messages to users.


"Second five" growth rate of decline in cross-fire electric power transmission increased significantly

   China Energy Research Society, November 27 release of "China Energy Development Report 2011" is expected by 2015, China's total power generating capacity will reach 1,428,390,000 kilowatts, average annual growth of 8.1%; the national power generation capacity from 2010 to 42300 one hundred million kwh in 2015 to 6.45 trillion kwh, booster cable and the resulting investment and production structure of electricity will be a significant change.


Drastic increase in price is not good medicine

   Grandchildren to this year, the NDRC raised the price three times total, 12 provinces in April raised the electricity price in June to expand the scope of the sales price increase in 15 provinces in December the national average sales price per kilowatt-hour then up 0.03 yuan.


8 Beijing winter record grid load up 13.704 million kilowatts of history

   At 17:48 on December 8, the Beijing grid load hit a record high in winter, reaching 13.704 million kilowatts. National Grid Beijing's cadres and workers adhere to customer service,booster cable emergency repair line, to guarantee security and stability of the capital supply, at present, the Beijing power grid running smoothly,


Increase the price increase over a thousand billion thermal power

    Price increases as "emergency" type of solution can only be temporary solutions thirst, a temporary solution. Only the deep-seated power system is the root of the problem.


    Popular social issues of concern the huge loss of thermal power plants once again to the end of a paper prices the NDRC document finishing, thus solve the problem of booster cable coal top cow in the "second five" start in the first year has ended.


The first polymer photovoltaic Gangster: A total of anti-"dual" Face thoughts

  At 13:30 on November 29 around the sun, chairman of Suzhou Artes Qu Xiao Hua in Beijing Grand Hyatt hurried a bowl, then rushed to the basement of this hotel as a banquet hall. He will participate in two hours here at the "deal with the U.S. solar energy products' dual 'investigation' press conference. By then, the same stage with him will appear there Yingli Chairman Miao Lian-sheng, Suntech Chairman Shi Zhengrong, chairman of TRW where high discipline.booster cable This will be the global PV cell and module shipments before the founder of four companies in the photovoltaic industry in the first ten years together.


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