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Machine Tool Technology Innovation Alliance have begun operations

    Machine tool industry in national economic development at an important position, it is a strategic industry for national defense and security relations as well as equipment manufacturing machine tools in China.
    With the rapid development of China's economic construction, booster cable advanced technology, unprecedented national equipment manufacturing industry in the industrial upgrading, the requirements for high-end CNC machine tools has been quite urgent. Especially in aerospace, defense industry, power cord nuclear power, wind power, automotive, high-speed intercity rail transportation equipment, special materials field, slim and shaped surface parts are made of high-speed, high precision, multi-axis complex machining requirements, trouble light market Heavy demand for high-end CNC machine tools has increased annually. Therefore, China's heavy-duty machine tool industry and to improve technological innovation capability and core competitiveness, accelerate the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry, has become the top priority. The machine tool industry to create technical innovation of the proposed strategic alliance is in line with our heavy-duty machine tools to improve the overall technical level of play to the enterprise edge, heavy-duty CNC machine tools co-developed countries, scientific research, rapid increase in the level of heavy-duty machine tool technology trends.


Hunan Electric shares: Group the first half of next year out XEMC

    4 days remaining maturity of the commitment when the Hunan Electric shares (600 416) announced a major shareholder to exit the progress XEMC, the company said, Hunan Electric Group will further accelerate the exit XEMC issues,booster cable and strive on in 2011 six months to complete.

The nearest urgent development of new nuclear energy

    ‚óŹ Industry and Company Research Center of State known to the world.

    In accordance with the "energy development" second Five-Year "plan," "emerging energy industry development plan", China's carbon intensity in 2020 decreased by 40% -45%, booster cable the proportion of non-fossil energy sources to 15%. To achieve this goal, China will in the hydropower, nuclear power, wind power, photovoltaic power generation, power cord and a substantial increase of biomass energy aspects of the total installed capacity.

The most easily damaged components vehicles need special care the most

    The car only a few important electrical connectors with gold contacts, most of the remaining joints are made of copper - zinc alloys, under normal circumstances, booster cable its reliability is guaranteed.

More concerned about China's construction machinery Green and Intelligent Automation

    Despite the turbulent international financial crisis to the domestic machinery manufacturing enterprises incoming cast a shadow, but with the "three-year revitalization plan construction machinery manufacturing industry" and the expansion of domestic demand, booster cable the introduction of the 4 trillion of investment promotion on the construction machinery industry, domestic construction machinery industry is still steadily forward.


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