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Frequent restructuring of the industry into the photovoltaic industry in the watershed appear bubble

   Moment, many companies have to enter the photovoltaic industry are, there is the clothing industry, textile industry, feed industry, food industry, but some companies do even before the stationery, and do leather, make gifts. Why are these industries with the solar photovoltaic industry, there is no link, will be extending their reach to the PV field? Indeed, it is open up a new business! We all know, the PV industry, the threshold is not too high, companies willing to change jobs but also because of the traditional industries, intense competition, gross profit, booster cable gross margin and higher photovoltaic industry, attraction of their existence. Thus, with the solar industry is flourishing, many large companies outside the industry began to turn their attention to this area, to seek new economic growth point. Even in the market is so sluggish in 2011, some new enterprises do not know the road ahead is still bumpy, fall into the flock, leading to oversupply, chaos.

    First,power cord the bubble has emerged PV watershed

    Today, the PV market worsened, and by European governments to cut subsidies and over-investment to expand production capacity last year, the impact of many small manufacturers to the brink of death, from 2011, since the silicon solar cell and the spot price fell by about 40%, China solar energy industry has To start tasting the pain of the bubble burst, the watershed has occurred. It is understood that there are a few from Haining advertising, apparel transformation over the photovoltaic business in 2011 also remains on the sidelines. Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province also has two solar companies out.

    1, the PV market in the doldrums, Langsha Group riding a tiger

    October 2010,trouble light China's leading hosiery manufacturers Langsha Group made a bold decision to enter the previously not familiar with the solar photovoltaic industry, the establishment of new companies - Zhejiang An Xingguang V Technology Co., Ltd.. PV circle rumors, Langsha Group preparing for this for 10 million yuan in cash, the purchase of 100 equipment. In addition, Langsha Zhejiang Blue has also set up a photovoltaic technology company involved in the LED field of new energy industries. But this year the market bubble burst, Lang Sha is a dilemma, riding a tiger, voted to buy the equipment, but as long as a boot is a loss. Langsha general manager, said: "If the market continues to slump, then, whether to continue to invest in this business is still hard to tell."

    2, Yin Jianzhong: Kang Yi Textile preservation in 2011 barely

    Kang Yi Yin Jianzhong, founded early textile mainly Li Ning, KAPPA, UNIQLO socks do contract work, once KAPPA70% of socks produced by Kang Yisheng. The end of 2005, he looked at many of the Zhejiang businessmen began to get money into the photovoltaic industry. He did not want to miss this opportunity to make big money, but invest in photovoltaic great, he did immediately. In June 2008, Yancheng Li Wang IMC Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was also up to 58 silicon prices yuan / piece. But three months after the financial crisis, triggered a global PV industry shocks. Six months, silicon prices from 58 yuan / piece fell to 14 yuan / piece. But what is surprising is that the PV industry, through the financial crisis so fast the speed of recovery. July 23, 2009, Yin put into operation, to coincide with the market pick up, then ushered in the most popular in 2010. November 30, 2010, he also received telephone calls customer replenishment. However, to December 2, just three days, he produced no customers to the silicon. Next, silicon prices began to drop sharply. After six months, from 21.7 yuan / piece fell to 11.5 yuan / piece to 11.8 yuan / piece, or nearly half.

    As entrepreneurs in the decision to lay two companies have transformed the tragic hit, but turned out far more than the dying of the photovoltaic business has two. Some manufacturers of photovoltaic products in addition to tolerate fluctuations in the price at any time, but also within the enterprise funds will be grabbed his neck chain.

    Second, the transformation of the PV market in the doldrums for SMEs to clarify thinking

    The data for 2008 show that since October 2008 since the country has more than 300 PV companies out of business collapse, leaving only 50 or so. Just enter the number of new enterprises are optimistic about the solar photovoltaic lap of a better tomorrow, but they forget today is the PV loop confusion! Although the PV industry is a sunrise industry, but will inevitably result in one or a few large enterprises photovoltaic dominate, and some small and medium enterprises survive even more difficult. Therefore, the transformation of business if the blind, may increase their risk. "In some cases, restructuring may not help business," "Revival," ", but will accelerate the pace of the collapse." Yingli, chairman of seedlings with students some time ago publicly stated that the trough of the companies are prepared, it is the opportunity . The time when industry profits, must be crowded time. Survival of the fittest, and the rest is the elite. After a reshuffle, the industry, the threshold was raised, and only those with the strength of the company can truly become bigger and stronger.

    In early 2011, with Italy and Germany have issued a new photovoltaic electricity bill, while the European market demand for subsidy reduction does not increase even after the reduction, while in 2010 the market is hot, front-line capacity expansion of enterprises, and flocked into the room new entrants, making the entire market supply expansion within a year almost doubled. This situation led to a complete reversal of the relationship between supply and demand, the PV industry from a seller's market into a buyer's market. In this case, small and medium enterprises rush into, can be a big risk. Although SMEs have their own characteristics, active, vigorous, low cost, but if you do not hold together, it is hard to compete with larger enterprises. In the long term, solar energy industry consolidation is inevitable. Therefore recommended that small and medium enterprises in the transition should be to clarify ideas, selecting the right time.

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