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Emission standards for thermal power announced with great care subsidies or 20 billion out of stock onto users

   Highly anticipated "thermal power plant air pollutant emission standards," published dragged on, reporters yesterday from the Ministry of Environmental Protection Science, Technology and that the new standard has been completed the final revision and approval, published soon, however, "trouble light the new standard text and announcement to be published together with publishing promotional materials, "one official said.

    New release, extreme caution

    The official said, the ministry is preparing the new standard promotional materials, as of yesterday is ready, but for the formal announcement of the time, the other is still referred to as "hard to say." This also allows attention to the news of the parties some restlessness. Although, it seems from the information currently available, soon to be released before the new standards and published the second draft for comments than to change is not large, but according to participate in the revision work of an insider said the new standards in the latter part of the process of revision management level, there had been intense debate, which also cast a new standard of final content of power cord a trace of uncertainty.

    The standard since 2003, the first update of the ministry thermal power plant air pollutant emission standards, new standards greatly enhance the emission standards, power plant sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions limits far more than the U.S. and Europe become the world's most booster cable stringent standards, and the first addition of mercury and its compounds control targets. Ministry of Environmental Protection can be seen in the "five" environmental intensity of the large and determination of the strong.

    Side is the Ministry of Environmental Protection summon the effort to promote energy saving thermal power industry; the other side for 7 months, five major power thermal power loss of 18.09 billion yuan business, and in September the stock market power plate Pudie, tragically, "open the door black." . Many people in the industry-fired power expressed concern about the survival of the situation: As the current market, no real improvement in the inflation situation, thermal power companies with high debt ratios, coal prices have been soaring under the dual pressures of the morass into huge loss, difficult for enterprises to profit from environmental costs in the draw.

    According to Union 1-7 in the latest release of the power industry economic situation analysis report, the end of June, the balance of thermal power production enterprises was 74.2%, lending rates continue to rise, the business efficiency of thermal power are evident; 1-6 months , thermal power producers on sales of only 1.4%. Analysts said this will greatly affect the power industry to promote environmental protection work.

    The upcoming new standard as a mandatory national standard for thermal power companies taking losses seem worse, bound to the enthusiasm of its power generation have been affected. "Thermal power plant announced new standards also need to find the right time." Environmental Protection Industry Association, an anonymous source said.

    Embarrassing denitration subsidies

    It is understood that to improve the deteriorating environment, the state proposed the "Eleventh Five-Year" period of 2005 to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions 10 percent target. Coal-based thermal power companies bear the brunt of the state of the thermal power industry to force desulfurization. But the initial, companies prefer to pay sewage charges also do not want to install desulfurization equipment, if installed do not want to run the signs are everywhere. Until the countries have developed a series of price subsidies, including desulfurization policy that prompted the thermal power industry emissions of sulfur dioxide to complete the task.

    Eradicate the industry estimates, there are most of our sewage pollution control facilities fee of only about 50% of operating costs, some projects even less than 10% of the cost of pollution control. This is the key to promote the phenomenon, but also for many years the public and environmentalists questioned the domestic sewage has been the reason for low fees.

    In 2007, the State Council issued "a comprehensive energy conservation program of work" and had stated, "compensated in accordance with the principles of treatment costs, improve sewage discharge fee collection unit standard, sulfur dioxide emission charges from the current 0.63 yuan per kg over three years increased to 1.26 yuan per kilogram, "but until the" Eleventh Five ", the increase in sewage charges, the introduction of environmental taxes and other environmental resources, the reform of the pricing system is still stagnant.

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