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Benefits of new energy vehicles to get out of the shackles of the cycle

  Since it is a new energy vehicles, new thing, it is inevitable that many obscure places. However, did not affect the enthusiasm of investors and auto manufacturers urge. As a national "five" focus on fostering the development of strategic new industries, new energy vehicles have attracted a full local government to cultivate new economic growth point of interest.

    At present,booster cable many places are wrestling to promote the development of low-speed electric vehicles, trying to rise to the country's new energy vehicle development strategy; there are some places a lot of hoarding land, high standards of planning the so-called "new energy automotive industry park" ...

    A new energy vehicles, "movement" is spit over the fire shown in the rise of an investment in excess of controversy once again sounded the alarm! Looking back, we have once again emphasized: the development of new energy vehicles have a strategic, global level,power cord long-term perspective, not just looking, not to be swayed by interest groups.

    The first new energy vehicles in the automotive

    New energy vehicles, we must first have all the features of the car, which is not vague. Cars must pay attention to safety, before considering the fast, convenient and comfortable. As human beings one of the most important means of transport, cars already exist for centuries, although the human resources and the environment under the pressure of always trying to get rid of the traditional automobile dependence and to optimize the car's functionality and improve the technological level, but development of new energy vehicles in the initial stage, trouble light we can not leave the traditional automotive talk about new energy vehicles.

    There is a view that should encourage and support the traditional field of automotive vehicles in the bold new energy exploration and innovation, mainly on account of the traditional car makers have the necessary foundation and rich experience. Of course, we do not rule out outside the system, companies outside the industry's desire for new energy vehicles and exploration.

    Low-speed electric cars has its own characteristics, in particular the range of travel, is it accurate positioning. However, we should not encourage it, like with traditional vehicles run in the streets, running on the highway. Otherwise, we have developed a very severe road traffic rules would be meaningless, traffic order could have been disrupted. We encourage the development of low-speed electric vehicles, but we do not believe that low-speed electric car is the epitome of new energy vehicles. Can say with certainty that low-speed electric vehicles is range of means of transport, not public transport, but also we should not call it new energy vehicles.

    Currently, including BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Honda and other world auto giants the development of new energy vehicles is only the initial stage of the product from the industry is still a long way to go, compared to our low-speed Electric cars seem to expect to see far too good to lose the exact location of their own?

    New energy vehicles must focus on major technological breakthroughs

    As for the difficulties low-speed electric car manufacturers and local governments eagerness, we appreciate. However, we should recognize more clearly the essence of new energy vehicles, not just a simple alternative energy programs and important parts of a simple combination, but should see the direction of industrial development. Although, the development of new energy vehicles have been for decades, so far, far from industry, the key is not made significant technological breakthroughs and innovation.

    New energy vehicles is necessary to follow the basic rules of conventional vehicles, at the same time get rid of the constraints of conventional cars. At present, basically every car manufacturers are involved in the new energy vehicles, as if people still use traditional production model car to think about the future development of new energy vehicles, always chipping away the simple, the battery, motor and electronic control Big Three combined, the battery's energy density, safety, how to improve mileage.

    We believe that the new energy vehicles should be a profound technological revolution, the subversion of traditional vehicles. We have always maintained, is the vitality of the new energy automotive innovation, the original innovation, integrated innovation, not just. Integration of innovative things can only be temporary, short-term results.

    In the study of power sources, our eyes might see farther. For example, the use of solar energy in general, in fact, we have made no small achievement. How do solar films widely used in the automotive sector, automotive glass and solar film in the body at the combination of solar power as a power source, it is entirely possible to achieve!

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