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Limited power in Shanxi fertilizer business once again, "bear the brunt."

    In an interview in early September Shanxi Electric Power Company, the relevant parties, the history of Shanxi now face the most severe power shortage situation. In the early summer of 2011, the national general are "power shortage", the coal-rich Shanxi province is sitting on resources due to an exception. But now, many years sitting on the coals of Shanxi, also could not escape the embarrassing situation of serious power shortages. The case of power shortage, Shanxi fertilizer business has become a primary goal of limited power.

    According to data from Shanxi Electric Power Company, Shanxi Province, the electricity load in March 2011 topped 20 million kilowatts mark, then curved upward trend. To mid-August, the largest centrally dispatched grid in Shanxi load up 21.092 million kilowatts in 2011, the seventh new record. trouble light As the province more than one unit unplanned outage occurs, the maximum power of Shanxi power grid gap of nearly 300 million kilowatts.

    Shanxi Electric Power Company officials say the current power shortage is more prominent, and will strictly enforce the 2011 order throughout the city electricity program, detailed measures for industrial enterprises in the wrong off-peak electricity, according to "a limited guarantee,power cord " the principle of full to ensure normal living and production of electricity.

    "In August, the Shanxi Yang coal Toyoki group effects due to limited power station when urea 289.61, 1737.66 tons of urea production; affect the consolidated ammonia 528.3 units, the overall production of 422.64 tons of ammonia, we have taken measures to require the development of peak period sets of alternatives, such as peak load shifting production. "The Group's total work Hanxi Min told reporters. booster cable Xi Yang coal in Shanxi Yuncheng Feng, Yuncheng - 6th January 2011, total electricity consumption growth of 4.36 percent, more energy-intensive industries were electricity growth, which coking power up 96.07%, chemical industry Power up 5.42%. Limited power in the face of it, Yang coal Toyoki and other fertilizer companies bear the brunt.

    Shanxi Jincheng is an important nitrogen fertilizer production base, the city has a total of 12 fertilizer companies, Shanxi urea urea production accounts for about 60% of total output, total national output of 6% to 7%. But since 2011, the city shut down due to coal shortage and line maintenance underemployment, a serious shortage of electricity. In the first quarter, generating 3.19 billion kwh electricity industry, down 35.5%. Affected, the size of the first quarter of Yangcheng County, the industrial added value increased by only 7.6%, well below the city average growth rate of 18.4%; fertilizer industry realized added value of 240 million yuan, down 1.5%; production of 604,000 tons of synthetic ammonia, down 8.9%; fertilizer (physical volume) 96.8 million tons, down 8.9%.

    According to Shanxi Jincheng Anthracite Mining Group a fertilizer production department in charge: "From August 13, the Jincheng area began to increase power rationing, restrictions on electricity from the initial impact of 3 to 5 ammonia units, the development to affect the dozens of units , or even half capacity. "

    Jinfeng Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. Gaoping Branch normal daily production capacity of 9.6 million kilowatt hours and days can produce 1440 tons of synthetic ammonia, urea, 2200 tons or more. However, limited power, the situation worsened. Current household consumption only 4.5 million kilowatt hours, 700 tons of ammonia per day, 1010 tons of urea, reduced by half capacity.

    "According to various message authentication, brownouts and even more serious trend." Jincheng Anthracite Mining Group in the department official told reporters: "China Jincheng is a major producer of granular urea region, after the company cut will result in the domestic market and export markets large particles shelf extreme tension. "

    With the Department of Shanxi Jincheng Coal Chemical Company, chairman of Chak Jiagen Zhu said the company from the second half of August began rationing power, basically limited to eight or nine every day from morning to 10 pm.

    "Chak Yongfeng normal fertilizer company needs 74 megawatts, is now limited to 45 MW, 40% power limit order to cope with limited power, we can only be shut down for maintenance, no really good way." Gugen Zhu said.

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