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The fall buy big energy grasp the "wrong kill" and "than expected" opportunity

The power equipment overall valuations have a big adjustment, plate callback is closer to the end. The power equipment index from November 2010 has dropped sharply in the same period, 30.34% fell by 20% or so, boomed in csi 300 index fell 18.56%. Plate of close to break within 10% of the stock price over 47; Close to October 30, 2008-August 15, 2011 range low of 30% less than the stock more than 70 only; In the October 30, 2008-August 15, 2011 from the highest point interval fell more than 40% of the more than 100 shares, and close to the only on June 30, 2010 stock price within 10% of the more than 90 only. The power equipment of the whole city is filled with lead (PE) has been lower than at the end booster cable of June 2010, the level of city net rate (PB) has reached the end of October 2008, the level of the past pessimistic expected valuations obvious response. As the plates back sharply and power equipment and new energy 1025 planning policy comes on stage in succession, plate will have a better opportunity. Rising

The power equipment and new energy sector in all parts of the PB and subdivide price trends relative to PE show better correlation. Nearly 10 years of data, power cord turning brokers like shenyin &wanguo data of electric equipment, Wind energy, the new data intelligent power grid, contract energy management and energy saving components of city net rate and the correlation of price trends 0.93, 0.98, 0.93, 0.94, 0.74, and p/e ratio and the correlation of price trends were 0.3, 0.8, 0.66, 0.88, 0.69. And these parts of the city net rate is lower than it has been at the end of June 2010 the level,trouble light and most of the molecular plate city net rate is close to or below the level of the end of October 2008.

The power equipment and new energy for the second half of major plates earnings per share (EPS) was higher than the contribution of the first half. Nearly 10 years of data in the second half performance, the years of lower than that of the first half, the second half performance only nuclear power plate for earnings per share of less than average contribution during the first half of the year only nuclear power concept plate and garbage power concept plate. Second half performance to earnings per share average contribution in the first half of the more than 20% higher than, electrical equipment and its electrical control equipment, power transmission and transformation equipment, power equipment; Second half performance to earnings per share in the first half of the average contribution to higher than 10%-20% of the solar energy between a concept plate, intelligent power grid concept plate, contract energy management concept and energy saving components concept plate tectonic plates. With the second half of the order, the performance of related sectors settlement there will be significant to bounce back.

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