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Zhuxi "five-second" 1.4 billion yuan five-step development of biomass energy

   Zhuxi County Project Office recently learned from the "five-second" the county plans to invest 1.4 billion yuan during the development of biomass energy,trouble light biomass energy industry will become the second largest industrial investment Zhuxi County projects.

     It is reported that the project is a comprehensive development projects, construction period is three to five years, the implementation process is divided into five steps: First, plans to invest $ 300 million transfer of plantation and 40 to 50 million mu of barren hills,power cord construction tung, locust and other energy forest base; second plans to invest 640 million yuan, the use of straw, banana Mao and other renewable fuels, building 2 × 3 MW biomass power plant, generating 450 million degrees, the output value of about 3.2 million to provide tax about 40 million;booster cable third base after the completion of tung, invested 300 billion yuan to build biodiesel plant; Fourth, the use of 050 million yuan investment in construction of power plant ash organic fertilizer processing projects; fifth investment of 110 billion yuan to build bases in organic agriculture project. After the completion of these bio-energy projects, the overall economic efficiency is not only impressive, but also a recycling economy demonstration projects, social benefits are very significant.

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