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Solar power a significant diversification

   From a regional resource endowments, China's vast territory, large differences in natural endowments, different areas for different skills, different scale solar power generation facilities. For example, the development of large-scale power stations in the northwest region more economically,booster cable while small-scale development in the Southeast is more appropriate. From a technical point of view, to support industrial diversification and development, can be introduced, development and diversification of large amounts of solar technology industry to help achieve a higher level and broader range of development applications. Economic development potential, as the next major new economic growth point, solar power industry, the pattern of diversified development, industrial development will bring more areas, which greatly enhance the economic growth of the space.

     power cord China's current solar power industry is mainly concentrated in large-scale construction of photovoltaic power generation industry, "Eleventh Five-Year" period, financial support and policy guidance, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, northwest from a number of new scale of photovoltaic power stations. However, in addition to PV, the Northwest is also developing large-scale wind power, while coal,trouble light natural gas and other local power generation will also be developed into, then a lot of electricity from west to east transport, will greatly increase the "West to East" grid transmission pressure. In addition, transporting electricity over long distances, can also cause transport, power transmission and other costs. Most importantly, from national security considerations, east, south and other economically developed areas over-dependence on "West to East" will be a security problem, in the event of natural disasters or war, a big threat. Therefore, according to local conditions to accelerate the eastern and southern China regions small-scale, distributed solar power generation construction, will greatly reduce dependence on Northwest electric power.

     Shows that the "planning" introduced, it is precisely the direction of the current solar power industry the amendment, which will undoubtedly greatly encourage large-scale industrial plant from a single mode to multiple distributed from a single PV to PV, solar thermal double items simultaneously develop. The introduction of this plan, it will be seen as China's solar power industry from extensive to intensive upgrade of a positive signal.

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