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Video analysis is imminent intelligent lead big advantage inventory

Network video monitoring developed so far, the video shows more, the advantages of digital video camera as a digital terminal, not only with digital video shooting, records, and other functions, can also through the network cameras implanted on some of the more CPU, high-end video analysis. The so-called "intelligence" is the prerequisite, need to deal with video analysis function or other management function, the intelligence function into the camera,booster cable the so-called "to use camera to do intelligent video analysis".

At present, the network video system of intelligent video function mainly by the analysis of the center, that is, through the means to realize the server video analysis software to front camera upload video intelligent analysis, realize the video front of smart processing information. And we said today "intelligent power cord lead" is relative to the server for the treatment of suppressive.

"Intelligent lead" function for the particularity of the network cameras is that it based on open platform, can be more intelligent analytical applications into the front camera, network to meet the personalized intelligent video surveillance of user demand, it also means the same paragraph network cameras for embedded different intelligent lead application can realize the function differentiation.

Intelligent lead application is the development trend

The "intelligence", trouble light after the application in front front for the corresponding intelligence analysis, just needs to deal with the results of the analysis after to DuanPing sets can. After For example, the use of network cameras monitoring is a suspicious personnel through the monitored area, if the analysis backend server, need every moment to the background to the video, intelligent analysis. And if front camera intelligent analysis function, although have camera dying in monitoring the entrance, but in normal state are no data to the background, only the current analysis, the camera when someone in the intelligence analysis will automatically after the video transmission to the background. If one day only more than ten minutes in and out, so other time some time this camera is not to need transmission video data, which can greatly reduce data throughput, reduce the network transmission of pressure.

At present, the camera can attach local storage SD card, or other storage device. When the network congestion, network fault or other emergencies, the image can be directly to the camera attached storage storage equipment, thus, can need not absolutely dependent on the network transmission, such already can reduce network burden, and can avoid paroxysmal network events affect information storage. And directly through the front camera, analysis, by other factors, relatively less to safety impact are much smaller.

Chip resources development and opening up is a key

Open network video monitoring is the most significant characteristic of the era of the camera, along with the improvement of the performance of the chip, there will be more chip resources are open out, some professional do video analysis of intelligent video company can be based on open chip resources, will the corresponding program to the camera, the embedded can better help realize front intelligence. By then, not only the camera external interface to open and internal network protocol involves camera is open, can achieve and more video analysis of third party software compatibility, more convenient also in many of the hardware and software vendors choose the best combination.

Intelligent lead can also understand for network cameras end the application platform, the future of the network cameras not only have the basic video acquisition, transmission function, but also can run a third party video analysis software. For example, at present the most concern, can run many cell phone iPhone APP, and many of the application for a particular crowd customized program services, these programs service lets iPhone as a communications tool not only and exist. Network camera is the same, the future will not only be transmission video, embedded all kinds of software applications, some customized intelligent analysis function can run in the camera. So, network cameras development, intelligent development must be based on the front end more open application platform.

Intelligent analysis to video monitoring is equivalent to the given "the brain", is the future trend of development, intelligent lead will also in intelligent video surveillance is clung under considerable development, and get the whole intelligent video surveillance and promote the development.

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