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Byd response for strategic adjustment layoffs

Byd response for strategic adjustment layoffs sep 13, 10:20 Beijing daily

Byd Co., LTD earnings fell sharply in the first half net profit and layoffs storm become the focus of attention of the industry. 9,, a 2011 co first extraordinary shareholders'trouble light general meeting, the chairman of the company WangChuanFu said the cuts is unavoidable, also reiterated that strive to achieve output in 2015 China's first goal will not change.

Byd company released late August in the first half of 2011, according to net earnings in the first half of lower than the same period last year by 88.63%, power cord down to RMB 273.56 million yuan. Byd said its revenue and profit decrease mainly is the traditional business sales scale down, and forecast caused by the third quarter earnings decline may still be similar range. Then, online spread byd will massive reduction sales team news, byd XiaYeBing leaving the vice President is exacerbated the prospects of the development of byd guess.

In a shareholders' meeting WangChuanFu did not directly answer, XiaYeBing reason for leaving, but said after the successful sales the byd cover up heavy dealers quantitybooster cable to ignore the quality of the dealer. The personage inside course of study analysis, because of the past strong earnings growth speed, byd set the personnel the huge number of sales team, in car market development speed is slowing, and personnel quantity of adjustment is normal choice.

WangChuanFu also said, from this year byd will enter the adjustment to management team and the dealer network optimization, and strengthen the brand design, adjust will not affect the goal of byd, byd will still be a year guarantee 20% to 30% of the sales increment, and strive to achieve output in 2015 China's first.

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