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The quality administration announced a mobile phone qualified 43 40 produced in shenzhen

Reporters from the state quality inspection administration official web site, the agency that has released a GSM/GPRS mobile phone products quality supervision inspection, in the country of the selective examination to 43 batch unqualified GSM/GPRS mobile phone products, the results showed that there are 40 batches of the mobile phone produced in shenzhen, percentage as high as 93%.

According to information,booster cable the selectived examination in Beijing, tianjin, jiangsu, zhejiang, fujian, jiangxi, hubei, shandong, guangdong, chongqing, and other 10 provinces, municipalities directly under the central government in 119 companies the production of 136 kinds of GSM/GPRS mobile phone products. Shenzhen enterprise production of as many as 95 species of mobile phones, accounting for about 70% of the total number of product sampling inspection. Selective examination discovery has 43 kind of products do not meeting the prescribed standards related to radiation, continuous harassment, power cord conduction continuous harassment, static circuit reactance flexibility, radiation put stray harassment, components and other projects. 40 with kind by shenzhen enterprise production, involving DOMO flower beauty, HSEM, high-tech, provide JXD, such as brand DuoGe.

Part of the sampling unqualified enterprise

1. Factories: suizhou waveguide electronic Co., LTD

Manufacturer: ningbo bird Co., LTD

2. Factory: the number of huizhou the electronic technology Co., LTD

Manufacturer: shenzhen huitong trouble light century mobile technology Co., LTD

3. Huizhou city technology Co., LTD

4. Factories: shenzhen light abundant communication technology Co., LTD

Manufacturer: shenzhen love's horse era technology Co., LTD

5. All celebrates the communication equipment (shenzhen) Co., LTD

6. Factories: shenzhen at united technologies Co., LTD. Light field the Lao branch

Manufacturer: shenzhen at united technology Co., LTD

7. Factories: HuaCheng runfeng electronic technology (shenzhen) Co., LTD

Manufacturer: hubei ZhuoLiCheng industrial Co., LTD

8. Shenzhen prosperous futong technology Co., LTD

9. Watson technology (shenzhen) Co., LTD

10. Shenzhen xin league merchant technology Co., LTD

11. Factories: shenzhen CBC communication Co., LTD

Manufacturer: following clever digital technology (China) Co., LTD

12. Factories: shenzhen YiXing the electronic Co., LTD

Manufacturer: shenzhen water-filled in technology Co., LTD

13. Factories: shenzhen JinKaiTai communication equipment Co., LTD, baoan branch

Manufacturer: shenzhen JinKaiTai communication equipment Co., LTD

14. The shenzhen filled technology Co., LTD

15. Factories: shenzhen darfur beauty technology Co., LTD

Manufacturer: dongguan wing of the dragon communication technology Co., LTD

16. Shenzhen three beautiful explored the electronic Co., LTD

17. Shenzhen ke king new love technology Co., LTD

18. The manufacturer: shenzhen ordinary letter equipment Co., LTD

Manufacturer: shenzhen the good technology Co., LTD

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