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« The quality administration announced a mobile phone qualified 43 40 produced in shenzhen Changsha customs force in hengyang factory production help foxconn »

Expert interview: apple should be public and industry and commerce list as soon as possible

A top sports supplies the controller of the company that once told me, their a generation of industry and commerce in a factory for women employees provides pregnancy testing services.

"It sounds good," I say, "manufacturers concerned about female employees." His sympathy to saw my one eye. The factory through the pregnancy tests, once found pregnant women, will try to apply for maternity leave in their fire before them. He's asked them to stop this practice.

It is difficult to assess the trouble light enterprise backend to their reputation broker may cause what kind of damage. Big brand enterprise will generally use several hundred manufacturers, these manufacturers may be distributed in all over the world, from Egypt to el Salvador, from Chile to China.

And the industry and commerce in the local general is lax, even zero check check the country. They may exist, such as wage violations is lower than the local minimum standards, power cord or forced to long-term employee to sign short term contract.

The international textile, garment and leather workers association (InternationalTextile, GarmentandLeatherWorkers "at a recent within) report mentioned in a case: a factory in Indonesia, it is said that if workers can not reach production target, will be put into a not ventilation, no toilets, booster cable food and water the house, stay in it for three more hours.

So, Apple (Apple) is stuck in the a common difficulties. Some blame apple, the company in some of China's generation of industry and commerce are creating large areas of pollution. The allegations particularly bad. Accountability apple's activists are Chinese, and non-western-if is western will as the stranger to mind their own business.

For multinational manufacturer's defenders sometimes said, the developed country labor standards apply mechanically to emerging markets is wrong. When western union complain that the world another corner of a factory workers be injustice, critics say, they just want to keep his job. But no one can lead to deterioration of the environment, defended China, at present, in this respect is the opposition of the voice is rising. (also no one can for violation of local labor law defended.)

For the industry and commerce behavior apple is very seriously. Its latest supplier responsibility report says that, since 2007, a total apple examined 288 home generation industry and commerce factory. Apple pay particular attention to the work of foreign employees. Many of them to labor agency paid a lot of expenses, which means they have to stem the several months to pay off the debt. Apple has already regulation, hire cost no more than a month of net salary, and ask the suppliers will be $3.4 million back to pay more for the cost of workers.

According to apple says, the company will also monitor supplier factories in the behavior of the environment. But apple still can make more effort. At present people only know apple of a few the suppliers, and is often just know something goes wrong. In may this year, Foxconn (Foxconn) in a generation of labor iPad2 chengdu of plant in an explosion accident, resulting in three workers were killed. Besides apple admit, wins China science and technology (Wintek) a factory in suzhou use a clean chemicals, has left 137 workers poisoning. Victories in science and technology and China is Taiwan manufacturer foxconn.

But not all apple disclose all the identity of the generation of industry and commerce. Chinese activists say they based on public information and court documents, list a list of 20 house suppliers.

Clothing and sporting goods industry are taking a different approach. In 2005, Nike (Nike) posted on its web site supplier name and address. Levi strauss (LeviStrauss) and Adidas (Adidas) joined this practice.

This is a difficult decision.

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