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Changsha customs force in hengyang factory production help foxconn


Changsha customs and membership of hengyang customs and service quality, professional guidance force help in hengyang) (foxconn into production. Since August 9, in hengyang customs realize foxconn networking supervision, in a month since the actual imports of $50000.

On December 8 last year, the provincial booster cable government and foxconn group signed a framework agreement. For the processing trade only from foxconn "phoenix", changsha customs and membership of hengyang customs positive act. In early negotiations, changsha customs project launched in advance (foxconn hengyang) customs supervision to prepare. May 17,,power cord foxconn's hengyang wins add precision electronic Co., LTD. Registered in hengyang the customs, the customs personnel active door-to-door service, help the enterprise as soon as the customs supervision, enjoy enjoy networking territory "declared," the release port customs clearance preferential policies,trouble light and on-site guidance to help enterprise ERP system and customs "processing trade supervision system to realize the seamless networking").

In the deployment of "processing trade networking supervision system the last stage of", hunan telecommunications IDC room management department for current room overloaded power says, foxconn is difficult to enter room server hosting. Therefore, changsha, hunan to coordinate the positive telecom special permission to finish it in two days of the power supply capacity extension, IDC room protects the system's deployment schedules. August 9,, foxconn (completed the hengyang electronic account shall be established the basic data for the record for examination and approval, and made electronic account shall be established as a formal hengyang first realize networking supervision of the processing trade enterprise.

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