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National Electric Energy Technology Council of the Fifth Third notice

   Members of the council, experts, energy companies:

     National Electric Energy Eleventh Annual Technology Conference and the China Electrotechnical Society of Professional Committee of electrical energy, electrical energy, Shenzhen City, Fifth Third Research Council will be held October 25-27 held in Jiaxing City in Zhejiang. Will conduct the following procedures:

     1 organized abooster cable national energy-saving electric technologies Eleventh Annual Conference

     2 held in the China Electrotechnical Society electrical energy special committee, Shenzhen City the fifth three times the electrical energy Research Council

     3 Ministry of power cord Industry to discuss reporting "high frequency in the iron and steel, petroleum, petrochemical applications Study"

     4 Electrical energy industry in 2010 named brand products

     5. Editor of the Eleventh Annual Conference Proceedings

     Hope Society received notice to attend meetings, welcomed the national energy experts in electrical technology, professor of electrical workers to participate in the annual meeting. Welcome to high-voltage inverter manufacturers attended the meeting, reporting to the Ministry to discuss the subject matter. Society for those who do not attend the meeting, please send representatives to attend the meeting.

     Meeting Time: October 25, 2011 - 27

    trouble light Venue: Jiaxing Li are in Hong Kong Hotel (Jiaxing in the Ring Road junction and Sungai hotel Tel :0573 -83,699,999)

     Participants: 120 people

     Conference fees: registration fee participants receive 800 yuan, of which directors, authors receive 600 yuan, student representatives receive 300 yuan.

     Meeting arranged accommodation at their own expense, welcoming the delegates to bring their families, their families exempt from registration fee.

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