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« National Electric Energy Technology Council of the Fifth Third notice"Twelve Five" period, Guangxi will invest 6.73 billion yuan to build the distribution network in Nanning »

Houjie: to create the largest professional cable market


     Electrical equipment if you leave the cable, it would be hard to imagine. With the Pearl River Delta town of Hsitou Houjie strong community advantages of the cable industry, financing more than 100 million yuan to build the largest and highest grade cable market, promote the cable industry chain in South China to further improve.

     Prosperous city in the Expo Boulevard Hsitou cable sections of the project an area of ??150 acres, built over 800 shops and 1,000 parking spaces,trouble light with a total construction area of ??200,000 square meters, will be the set of wire and cable, electrical electronic, electrical equipment, Hardware mechanical and electrical product sales, power cord technical exchanges and cooperation, human services, professional market. The cable will be the city's first phase of the project completed by the end, put into use in March next year, then start building the second phase also. While under construction, which, however, has attracted more than 60 cable companies entered the contract, reflecting the strong commercial appeal.

     It is understood that the Pearl River Delta region a total of more than 3,000 cable manufacturers, including Dongguan, there are more than 1,000.booster cable With good industrial advantages, the city will be built for the cable business Houjie Adds professional market chain, with the original furniture and furniture materials, shoe leather, plywood and other markets form a "professional market aircraft carrier", and further enhance the radiation-commerce industry force, the formation of the Pearl River Delta city of the professional market, the product will be "trading world."

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