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Zheng Yuan Bao, Chairman of Jiangxi People's power transmission company inspection

   September 19, autumn is cool. Nanchang fourth at the fourteenth meeting of the National People's Congress Chairman Cheng Yuan Bao taking the time to people in Jiangxi electric power transmission company inspection group, and hosted the afternoon conference market, delivered an important speech, in order to enhance the power transmission company's market competitiveness of the core objectives and a clear direction.

    Zheng Yuan Bao, booster cable chairman of that power transmission companies to do market work, we must pay attention to detail, strengthen management, enhance brand image and to strengthen unity, united, all services in the market; especially in the brand image, internal management and marketing respect to absorbing, continuous innovation, constantly enhance the "People's" core competencies:

    First, to enhance the image of science flight attendants. Our staff should be like flight attendants, like speech and behavior, dress image, pour some tea,power cord etiquette and so have a uniform standard, to smile, as the customer is God.

    Second, scientific management banks. Modern business management really want to do, we must learn to banks, we should, as banks do, everything should have according to evidence, there are standards, supervision, assessment, there is feedback; to division of labor details, targeted, responsible to the people; make business management, talent management and risk management markets directly linked with the market to test.

    Third, marketing insurance. We have contacted the insurance company personnel who know that they have a set of customer needs for different service packages and policy standards, each standard service packages and policies embody a win-win thinking, and in order to complete the objectives and tasks, trouble light they are a thousand words, but relentlessly with sincerity and do everything possible to impress the customer sweat heart, and do not give up. Companies should closely cooperate with various departments, quality control, technical department, the Propaganda Department, Security Department and other departments to fulfill their duties, together, all working to market the center.

    Transmission chairman Zhu Xing tea and all the staff required to seriously understand the implementation of Zheng Dong's speech, humble, studious, pragmatic, enterprising and establish the correct values ??of life, and strive to do all the work, sound and rapid development for the people to do electrical its due contribution.

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