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« Next five years, the value of China instrument industry sales or close to one trillion"52 up behind the tower" - wire and cable industry overcapacity »

Cable Commentary: The news for the industry to provide true information

    Background activity: mechanical and electrical hardware for the building industry, commercial exchange rings to help small and medium enterprises ... Intel invite fiberglass mold suppliers down the supply chain to promote mold industry in Japan the focus of offshore business world Qi-Xiong swordfight mold power cable home: China's largest and most the authority of the wire and cable industry e-commerce site. name = description> wire and cable,trouble light fiber optic cable, cable materials, cable equipment, copper and aluminum prices, bidding information, supply and demand information, products, membership services, advertising services. name = keywords>

    An industry news and information, is to show the status of the mirror and observe the industry development of the industry trend of Venus. Industry news and information from the objectivity, timeliness and fairness, is bound to be misleading and confusing. Currently, from the print media and online media industry, size, status, media personnel and the quality of news and information product quality point of view,power cord and indeed there is the phenomenon of counterfeiting, need to be taken seriously, to strengthen self-discipline, to purify the information front, to the trade media industry a harmonious, safe, healthy, clear direction of development environment.

    I. frequent adverse News

    So far found no adverse information, mainly the following expression:

    1 deviate from the actual situation

    Some news reports, booster cable in particular, reproduced the news, the confirmation was found inconsistent with the facts. For example, the media reported on what a new business project, what new products have developed what honor, some even framed dirty planting of competitors, etc., are competitors for the investigation to verify the information false and vicious battle. In the current information society, the media half-truths of the situation, as a professional media information products manufacturing industry, the author and editors should be realistic coverage of the news business and industry, to the whole industry a reliable source of information, rather than let too many people put a question mark.

    2 adverse effects

    Some news reports, especially with regard to product quality news, information did not seriously consider the impact on the industry, and thus causing the whole industry is very unfavorable situation. For example, we always wear the hat of fake and shoddy products, the head of the small and medium enterprises, SMEs seem to have become synonymous with fake and shoddy products. This should be very, very irrational. Industrial business around the world, more than 95% are SMEs, China's wire and cable industry is no exception. The face of overwhelming news media to denounce the situation of SMEs in the South cable network has issued a "not bad-mouthing wire and cable industry," comments, the article reproduced by the state Department of Commerce website. This shows that the media industry should be responsible for the industry, rather than public entertainment sites, as deliberately making himself happy to find the topic.

    3 adverse consequences

    Some news reports, especially in some areas and business news media, only consider this region, the business interests, the "false, big and empty" message onto the media, not only did not play a role in positive publicity, but lead the industry widespread confusion and resentment. For example, some media to the region, the company's existing performance or development plans, as "China's largest wire and cable base", "China's wire and cable carrier", "China Cable City", "hometown of Chinese wire and cable." , the very ordinary, not high-tech cable products as "national product", "high-tech products", "technical innovation", and "xx fill gaps" in the world. Of course, in our country, "the cable base", "Cable City", "cable carrier" and "cable of the town" does exist, it is recognized as the industry's strong. Within the media community in the industry have this negative phenomenon. For example, some online media to present themselves as "the most authoritative industry Web site," "largest industry Web site," "wire and cable industry's own Web site" and so on. As the saying goes "core natural form." Whether they can afford the title and from the beautiful aura, not even of their own to say.

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