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In parts of southern power grid power lines appear ice cover

CCTV reported, the low temperature of sustained recent rain and snow lead to southern power grid part of power lines appear ice cover, guizhou and guangxi grid successively start low temperature freeze disaster warning and emergency response to four yellow.

According to the figures, as 5, article 15 of guizhou has 500 kv lines maximum cladding ice thickness 19 mm; Yunnan 16 110-kv lines cladding ice thickness to 16 mm. Guangxi, guangdong appears milbooster cable d ice cover.

There's ice cover in line, southern power grid company subordinate units actively carry out the work of ice electricity. Guizhou power network company on January 4, 110-kilovolt of liupanshui water tree may line, 110 kv midline implementation for the first time since this year's melting ice in dc, cladding ice melting all fall off, power cord the effect is obvious.

Yunnan power grid from its power supply bureau on 22 December 2011 to 220 kv began to have Ⅰ yongfa, Ⅱ back line, 110 kv hair line, hair peach yi high T line, line, the town's view on the line, the town's horse line electric circuit of melting ice in the successful implementation. Qujing power supply bureau and organization of substation, power transmission and distribution lines, equipment powered operation condition "LaWangShi" big testing, trouble light timely treatment equipment hidden trouble; Do emergency vehicles, emergency supplies and emergency generators preparations, emergency repair team for 24 hours.

Guangdong power grid shaoguan power supply bureau set up electric transmission, distribution and communication, professional and emergency rescue team, can rapidly into 785 people power to repair. Qingyuan power supply bureau with 102 to nearly 6000 emergency repair team and material preparation, ensure that after disasters, support team and emergency repair tools, power generation lighting lamps and lanterns can put into the first time to repair work.

Guangxi grid completes the ice to plague duty and defense preparation, and carrying out the line's tour, testing cladding ice melting ice in the early warning and device state, reinforcement and reconstruction work, such as transmission lines, best of ice equipment and emergency repair personnel to repair the preparation work.

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