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Wind power after "great leap forward" can recover

Wind power after "great leap forward" booster cable in development, industry profit decline, wind power, science and technology, and the golden sinovel hunan electric shares were down 48.3% compared to the net profit, 45.0% and 43%, the wind power accessories business Thai-wind of the net profit dropped 61.5%, some small wind power enterprise went bankrupt. The wind power in an unprecedented lows.

Falling profits quality decreased

"At the moment, there are already customers are not pick up the goods, or order made goods don't pay phenomenon," a public identity to the wind power enterprise relevant personage told the China business newspaper reporters. "This first pay a few years ago to wait for a year to get a scene of the equipment, power cord simply is the big difference."

The wind power after some time ago to "great leap forward" in development, appeared a sharp slowdown in sales and profits, as if a while and fell into the hell from shrines. Wind power industry in several representative enterprise has issued announcement, for example: sinovel wind power and the golden science and technology,trouble light hunan electric net profit shares were down 48.3% year-on-year, 45.0% and 43%, the wind power accessories business Thai-wind of the net profit dropped 61.5%.

Hunan electric shares "exceptional intense competition" as the performance of a very important reason to decline, and Thai-wind the "market competition is intense, product prices to fall" performance as the leading cause of reduction. Sinovel wind power, senior vice President of the TaoGang in talking about the causes for the deterioration of the first half net profit up, said "in the first half of 2011, the fierce market competition leads to product sales falling prices, and sales income decrease gross margins have dropped."

Relative to wind power industries are being developed on a large enterprise performance significantly lower, and the days of small businesses more sad. China farm machinery industry association wind power equipment branch material showing released: tapping the electric equipment manufacturing enterprises are in several months ago declared fan production project, some enterprises or even just produce prototype will fall.

"The price war of disorder poses not only is wind power equipment industry overall downturn and the profit of the small business collapse, the more important is the wind power industry will cause frequent accidents, endanger the whole industry." The golden technology a controller told the China business newspaper reporters.

On February 24, from the jiuquan CLP wind power company first wind power cable head appeared to gulouxiaoxi fault, lead to 16 wind farms 598 typhoon electricity units to take off the nets. National electricity the supervisor will think, the accident is in recent years China's wind power "to power the biggest impact accident"; April 17,, in gansu, melon states wind power company therein dry river west wind cable head for the second breakdown, killing 15 wind farms 702 units to take off the nets. On the same day, in hebei zhangjiakou, guohua better xin wind farms also accident, 644 typhoon electrical units to take off the nets; April 25, from the jiuquan wind power base happen again accident, thousands of a fan to take off the nets.

According to gansu province power company introduces, by the end of April, the jiuquan wind power base of all kinds of accidents happened wind farms accumulative total 43 times, which occur wind power units to take off the nets more than 100 sets, influence of the range is very large fault 7 times. In addition to April 25 accidents is over to the accident of power outside wind farms, and other accidents are is wind farm accident on the grid.

The fast development of wind power of Inner Mongolia, jilin, hebei etc, also has happened wind generator to take off the nets accident.

"Fan does not have low voltage across ability, is a important reason why the take off the nets accident." Electrical safety supervision bureau supervisor will related people tell China business newspaper reporters. The current already in operation in the wind generator is according to the thermal power of hydropower manufacturing (hydropower speed faster and stable thermal power, and wind speed slow and unstable), most do not have low voltage across the ability, in the power grid failure cause the system easily when voltage reduction off nets. Low voltage across ability is a kind of special for wind farms technical requirements, this is when the power grid failure or disturbance caused by wind farms and of the network voltage dips, in certain voltage drop range, the wind generator can uninterrupted parallel operation, can't "abandoned" power grid, to reduce the volatility of the power grid reasons.

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