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Cable industry need to strengthen the information construction

Wire DianLanYe with over 50 years' development, we can say that is to enter the competition of the white-hot stage, and the strength of the cable production enterprises have spent heavily on channel construction, at that time channel for the cloud of smoke. Facing the market form, brand, no nothing capital strength of small and medium-sized cable manufacturer enterprise how to respond? Is dying out there, or try to change?

To this, the expert thinks, using e-commerce early this edge tool,trouble light through the network marketing to make up for the lack of marketing number, reduce the operating cost, improve their own core competitive ability, is the medium and small cable manufacturer enterprise best choice. As is known to all, small and medium-sized cable manufacturer enterprise as the money is not enough is strong,power cord the staff is not much, the market channel construction slow speed of reason, often makes them good cable products don't sell. So in the age of information explosion, small and medium-sized cable manufacturer enterprise can use e-commerce platform, to make up for the channel construction, marketing operation cost higher problem, and will give cable enterprise to bring the unexpected operation effect.

First can enhance the brand image. E-commerce platform not only focused on the industry chain of cable manufacturers in, dealers, raw materials suppliers, accessories suppliers,booster cable logistics providers etc active enterprise resources, and attracted a large enterprise, managers, marketing manager, designers and the long-term social consumer attention. Establish the online retail shop in here, it is the symbol of the enterprise brand. Through the industry vertical search engine, advertising, promotion, and network technology platform methods, combining news marketing, interactive marketing, community marketing, "word-of-mouth marketing and so on many kinds of new marketing elements, enterprise network marketing will be a unexpected results.

Then realize the scale operation. In the electronic commerce highway in justice, the integrity of trading environment, are looking for partners to give as a very relaxed, happy things, greatly simplifying reality "acquaintances economic" caused by complex; In virtual league in the group of industry, through the "group for bulk order," "factory direct sale" and other economic ties form of virtual "industry fleet" that can get more than the reality of brand enterprise of scale advantage.

Can quickly grasp again market information. E-commerce platform provides the most similar "to find products (or product library)", "looking for supply and demand (or business opportunity)" function columns, such as to give businesses provide cable market analysis report, industry catalogues, market research and other high-end cable products, these functions like enterprise to the market innumerable reach, can help enterprise instant grasp the pulse of the market changes.

Moreover perfect the after-sale service system. Mature e-commerce platform provides online customer service, most voice service, online documentary, online complaint and so on many kinds of service method, set up in the good faith on the basis of trade and thorough post-sale service rules, through professional service team, for enterprise and to give the enterprise online customers to provide good after-sales service.

Finally solve the shortage of capital. Some electronic commercial platform through such means as financing, cooperation established industry alliance "capital pool", formed the credit guarantee, the characteristic such as finance-transportation financial products, contribute to the solution of small and medium-sized cable manufacturer enterprise loans difficult question.

Indeed, in the face of the electronic commerce to the above advantages, relevant personage also pointed out that writing, and small and medium-sized enterprises in cable manufacturers with e-commerce platform at the same time, still must and enterprise of various resources closely, go with the actual way.

First is the brand combined. Electronic business enterprise brand inherited manufacturer, the traditional brand in virtual space to continue, the user to the traditional brand of trust can naturally lasted to the e-commerce sites. In the current domestic consumer website the good faith, the business reputation, the safety of the payment widespread doubt, the role of the brand is particularly important. The combined entity to business also has an important role. The Internet has changed people's shopping habits, more and more users are used to search on the net, inquires the commodity information, compares the price. Maybe they will eventually go to manufacturers to buy, but the enterprise brand on the network popularization to enhance the final choice undoubtedly users of business opportunities.

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