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« Cable industry need to strengthen the information construction India photovoltaic enterprise seek relief policies to deal with the impact of China »

According to the basic situation transformer industry in our country

Our country transformer manufacturing enterprise about 1500 homes. More than 500 kV transformer production enterprise nearly 30 house; More than 220 kV and enterprise about 50 home; 110 kV and below production enterprise in statistical range of a certain scale production enterprise of about 130 or so.

Excess capacity in severe cases. In recent three years, China's annual capacity of 1.3 billion kva transformer are in demand to the left. Our country capacity of about 3 billion kva transformer industry, including shen, west, the three group capacity of about 500 million kva. A few years ago, China's rapid development of electric power construction, the demand for transformer is increasing rapidly, lead to domestic quite part of transformer enterprise fast to expand capacity,booster cable or even individual enterprise capacity double. Since 2009, the state power construction speed slow, domestic demand for transformer is reduced. Especially priorities, south nets company adopts the bidding on purchasing transformer, low price to the enterprise competition unprecedented fierce.

In addition, because of the domestic market competition horrifying, in less than the cost of the price, leading some enterprise starts to go overseas routes, export products, foreign factory. Besides many company has been committed to the development of new, energy saving, environmental protection, intelligent product. power cord But the domestic enterprise general transformer economic benefit declined obviously, a lot of enterprises in a loss or loss edge. A large number of distribution transformer enterprise,trouble light and even appeared at the expense of quality and to malicious competition situation (third quarter profit rate goes down 46%).

In addition, transformer of low quality, product accident rates rise. Distribution transformer countries take qualified rate is only 70%. Online operation transformer rate is rising and the produce accident nearly five years of transformer born for many products, network security is threatened.

Affecting the quality of products of the several bad phenomenon: "to the aluminum and copper", contract fraud, aluminumwire can do winding "second piece of recycle", conduction properties and surface insulation, loss, noise overweight, transformer capacity "QueJinDuanLiang".

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