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« According to the basic situation transformer industry in our country "Electricity shortage" grip of polysilicon enterprise or aggressively moved west »

India photovoltaic enterprise seek relief policies to deal with the impact of China

With China in photovoltaic between enterprise competition and solar energy utilization rate close to the state of the environment a saturated the market,trouble light India pv equipment manufacturers hope through the use of the government's "policy intervention" to alleviate photovoltaic enterprise faces market impact.

India photovoltaic panels manufacturers think, mainland China and Taiwan low cost pv equipment manufacturers have affected the normal development of the Indian manufacturers.power cord Many Indian photovoltaic project developers all production equipment imported from the United States, the enterprise can be more from China and the United States Banks get low interest loan.

Indosolar chief executive officer of the company SVenkataramani told reporters: "domestic pv manufacturers carry under a lot of pressure, we are and new energy and renewable energy department booster cable (MinistryofNewandRenewableEnergy, MNRE) consultation, whether can you publish relevant political intervention policies to help enterprises to relieve pressure." Indosolar is India a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic cells.

Venkataramani revealed no more consultation details, just pointed out by China's mainland and Taiwan low the price of imports effects, actually use of India's manufacturing pv product accounts for only of the 20-30%.

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