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Electronic products export threatened reform put new requirements

The European Union two "instruction" is a unity within the eu member states dealing with discarded electronic electric appliance equipment and with harmful substances electronic equipment of laws and regulations,booster cable policies and measures, but also of the imported equipment of a technical barriers will seriously affect our country electronic electric appliance product export. On the other hand, the implementation of the two "instruction", will also promote our country electronic electric appliance industrial progress of technology, improve the technical components of electronic products, adjust the structure of products.

Electronic products export are threatened

The European Union two "instructions" involves the product is very extensive. Electronic products including television, video, the radio, the personal computer, fax, information technology and communication equipment, and through the telecommunications outside of the send sound and image recording technology and copy equipment;trouble light Mechanical products include a variety of electric equipment products, the products of our export is most leading products.

The European Union is our country exports of mechanical and electronic products one of the important market, in 2002 China's exports of mechanical and electronic products eu 26.97 billion us dollars, accounting for 17.2% of total exports of mechanical and electronic products; In the first half of 2003 and mechanical and electrical products export the eu $18.18 billion, more than 59.1% year-on-year increase, mechanical and electrical products accounted for 18.9% of total export amount. The European Union to the new measures will give to our export products form trade barriers, have a serious negative effect. And the European Union's action, likely the United States, Japan and other major trade partners for reference, to take similar measures, this will the mechanical and electrical product production more serious influence. Therefore, we should attach great importance to this problem, actively adopt practical and effective measures.

Based on electric parts and put new requirements based materials

Introduce according to the personage inside course, the European Union banned six kinds of harmful substances, involves a lot of products. Production from the perspective, the ten electronic electric appliance product technology to form. Without the base material of parts and electric basis, it involves low voltage electrical appliances, electrical accessories, insulation materials, electrical alloy, middle and small motor, electric control servo, electric wire and cable, electric tools, electric welding machine, transformers, relay protection, explosion-proof electric appliance, heat shrinkable materials, more than 20 small industries, influence is very big. For example, China's electricity contactor material of silver cadmium oxide (cadmium has been the eu rules for the six kinds of harmful substances banned one), has been widely used in ac contactor, dc contactor, air circuit breaker, the current limit and leakage switch, frame type circuit breaker, relays, button, switch and household electrical appliances, etc. In the civil power consumption equipment, almost all have banned by the harmful material. According to the material is introduced, silver cadmium oxide the best alternative is silver oxide tin, in the technology on the first breakthrough and Germany is the most mature Degussa company. At present in our country can solve the technical problems, and only one of two research unit, output is also very little. Therefore, the European Union these measures will also promote our country's adjust the related industries, especially the more greatly promote electric foundation will be a base material and progress of technology, to speed up the development of the progress of the study, improve product technical structure, adjust the structure of products.

To actively respond to some of the barriers countermeasures and Suggestions

Led by related departments, actively improve investigation and assessment. Suggestions to the relevant government departments will be competent departments of industry and industry associations, power cordthe research analysis of China's exports of mechanical and electronic products in the European Union, two further understanding "instruction" product range (shall require the European Union to provide international general goods import and export tariffs number). First the product exports and organize the relevant units (such as the national commodity inspection laboratory, product quality inspection center, etc) test analysis the export products contains six harmful material, make assessment of influence, and adopt corresponding measures.

Emergency start-up strategy research, formulated development planning. Suggest the government the relevant departments, formulate the harmful material substitution technology development planning and new product development plan, especially pay attention to basic parts and electric base material research and development, highlights include the insulation materials, electrical alloy, electric wire and cable, batteries and other battery, etc.



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