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China has completed three generations of key equipment research nuclear power

National nuclear power technology company chairman WangBingHua today announced here on the, the world the first three generations for the Westinghouse AP1000 nuclear power project,booster cable the zhejiang three on democracy and the construction of nuclear power plant in shandong haiyang is four units, all of its key device research has successfully completed, and basic form the relatively complete supply chain system, the Westinghouse AP1000 technology for the popularization and application of the construction and PiLiangHua laid solid foundation. He is on the nuclear technology and Westinghouse holds jointly first "the three generations of nuclear power AP/CAP qualified supplier meeting" on account of the so.

WangBingHua introduction, because equipment in project cost in up to 50% of proportion, in the operation period of 60 need to experience the NianShou test, equipment manufacture and supply is the key in the operation of the power station link. And the representative of the participants, basic include global related equipment developed top enterprise. He said earlier, there are four batch of 44 enterprises through the countries nuclear technology review become qualified suppliers, basic covers the mechanical, electrical, material, engineering, instrument control and operation service and so on six big area;power cord In addition, there are almost potential suppliers have three generations of nuclear power equipment supporting ability. This annual meeting and announced the 13 enterprises new join the qualified supplier system, make it more perfect and perfect.

WangBingHua said, the Westinghouse AP1000 as the most advanced three generations of nuclear power technology, full of ASME specifications, design life 60 years, equipment and materials to put forward a higher request. He foreign supplier of rigorous work style and the nuclear safety culture has praised, and domestic enterprise assumes, in the technical ability and the management level by the rapid ascension also made him "feel inspired".

The breakthrough of than technology is more important, the three generations of nuclear power supplier alliance in nuclear security in the idea the update. This afternoon's meeting in exchange plate, vendors on "all things are not flexible," the "nuclear culture" of nuclear security uniqueness and particularity of the "fear" of nuclear security procedures unconditional "submission", in the uncertainty about the stop immediately "query", and a series of "strictly to harsh, thinning acme" quality control practices, stay to the person very deep impression. Industry experts think, so just enough to overcome our industrial system of "prototype do well, trouble lighta group of quantitative doom" traditional shortcomings, indicate the Westinghouse AP1000 PiLiangHua construction equipment manufacture in the condition has had.

WangBingHua points out, f island nuclear accident, the global nuclear power technology upgrading of the pace, the three generations of nuclear power technology in the mainstream, and will go into commercial application and popularization stage. The Westinghouse AP1000 technology using an active concept, in similar against fukushima external events has unique advantages, is recognized the most of the security of nuclear power technology. He introduces, introduced after the Westinghouse AP1000 technology in China, fully absorb rely on project construction experience and fukushima accident experience feedback, countries combined Chinese and foreign technology on nuclear, independently carry out the accord with the situation of China CAP1000 standard design, are developing with independent intellectual property rights of the CAP1400 design, to meet the AP/CAP series technology to the development of the future.

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